Business Lesson 55

“What can I cut out of my weekly schedule in order to increase my efficiency?”

I could cut out robotics to help free up some time and some space in my week.  Programing the robot is not that difficult, but uploading the program to the robot is.  I have tried many times to upload the program, but it dose not work at all.  The program is not the problem, but there is something on the computer that dose not allow the program to get downloaded to the robot.

I do have lots of time after school that I don’t use at all.  I could put that time to good use.  I could also give up reading other peoples posts, but I wont.

Where I live now, I don’t have to mow the lawn, because we are just renting for now.  The winters over here are short, and the snow just melts away.  But back in Canada, me and my brother shoveled snow, and we made a small business out of it.  In the fall me and my oldest brother would go on the roof to clean out the gutters.  We would get payed for what we did.

In the summer of 2014, me and my oldest brother took out and entire tree stump.  This was not a very big one nor was it a very small one.  It took use about 6 days to get the entire stump out.  This was just with a axe and some (lots) of water.

Later that same year me and my older brother took out two more stumps in the backyard.  These stumps where smaller than the other stump which I help my oldest brother a few months before getting out of the ground.  We took them out in about 2 days.

Just to tell you, that we had to dig around the stump, than cop the roots, and then rip out the stump, and then cover the hole with the dirt we got from the stump spot.  So in that time I have work more than most people my age have.  People who go to public schools.

In the year of 2011 my grandma, and grandpa came over to visit.  They live in South Africa just to let you know.  So for them to come was pretty nice.  During their stay we removed a large tree stump.  The tree was a crab apple tree.  Crab apples are sour, and small.  They are about the sizes of cherry’s.

My dad got a chainsaw and cut the tree down to the ground, leaving about 4in from the ground.  We started by digging around the tree stump, to the roots.  At the roots we took the axe and started to cop roots about 7in in diameter.  Once you cut all of the roots near the surface of the soil, you have to go to the roots under the tree stump.  They are usually thin roots that were about half a in thick.  But once we got rid of all the small roots, there was on large root that was from the middle of the stump to the ground that was covering it.

I have told you some stories of what I have done in the summer with my time, instead of wasting it.

Business 15

Why is running my own business a way to guarantee my employment in 2030?

Robots well get smarter then they are now.  Running my own business well be great.  Risk.  You need to take risks in order to make money and to help the economy.  Robots are already taking over the factory jobs like building cars, line jobs like putting two things together and passing it do to the next person to do there thing and to the next and the next and so on.  Robots like Baxter are going to take over jobs that are in the reach of his arms.  He can fold clothes, he can pour water, he can take items off of a conveyor belt.

Robots will go after programming jobs, truck driving jobs, taxi jobs, bus jobs, and to also drive you around the city.  Ever since robots started to make cans they have made them cheaper and better.  Robots don’t make mistakes that people do.

When a robot takes over a job, and new job is made every single time.  So don’t complain.  But if you don’t want to be the person unemployed make your own company.  There is many great things you can do if you have your own company, like hiring and firing people.  You can get payed for doing little work.  You get other people to do the work for you.

Robots will not take over the world yet, but later on they might.  There are a lot of jobs out there that robots can not do.

English Lesson 175

“How important are the words ‘So What?’ in an autobiography?”

Who would write the words “So What” thin his or her autobiography?  Not me.  But as the question is “How important are the words ‘So What?’ in an autobiography?”, which means “So What?” is the question you ask.  It is important for the author to think about this question, and write his or her autobiography in the way the reader would read the book, and fined what is interesting, and what is not.  In Thoreau autobiography, he was all over the place in his descriptions, just as I was when I first started to write essays.  In fact one of my best essays is not actually posted on this site, or on the internet.  It was written on a piece of paper that got thrown away at the end on my first year of homeschool in 2013.

You need detail of what was around you at the time of the event, so your audience will have a mental picture that would make them feel that they were in your shoes, and that they where the person in the event, and not the other.  In Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography, he was descriptive of some of the sense, but not as descriptive of the other ex-slaves were.  Olaudah Equiano was a free man before he was kidnapped by someone in his village.  He was sold into slavery, and he meet with his sister for a brief time, before he was sold to a merchant.  He was the only slave that wrote about the ship he was on, and he was one of the only slaves allowed on deck.  And you, the reader are probably thinking “So What?” right now.  “So What?”.  The reason what is because he tells you the reader how he was sold into slavery, and that is what you want to know.  He learned english, and that was a key thing that he needed to know to become a free man again.

He learned marketing, and he gained 47£ and then he bought his freedom from his master, with a little help from his captain.  Olaudah Equiano learned how to navigate a bit, from the first mate, and then from the captain.  Olaudah Equiano was worth three white men, because he was always on time, he was never late, he never got drunk, and because he was fast in his work.  He was only late one time, not his fault, but a Doctor beated him up, almost till Olaudah Equiano died.  The Doctor took him and placed him into the jail.

English Lesson 170

“What was Equiano’s attitude regarding his life in the British Navy?”

He loved the Navy.  His position was to carry the black powder to the people that run the cannons.  The main thing that killed the sailors in battle was not the cannon ball, but the wood splinters that wore like knifes, flying around the and killing the sailors.  This was the main cause of death during a battle.  Very few times has anyone been hit by the ball.  I would say they had a 1% chance on being hit by a cannon ball, and a 99% chance of getting hit by the splinters of wood, which in this case was shrapnel.  That is if you are in the path of the cannon ball.  The Walls/hull of the ship would probably be 1-2 feet thick, pretty thick, but they did not stop the cannon ball from coming in, but slowed it down.

Equiano was in a dangerous spot for the fights that he was in.  In chapter four, he was in the middle of splinters, produced from a cannon ball hitting the ship’s hull, and he was not injured, or touched by the splinters.  He was forever in danger during these battles, because he was in the open doing his job by running the powder to the cannoneer.  He and another boy were in charge of this job, and he said that the cartridges were roten that the powder came out from the bottom, and onto the ship’s deck, past the fire tube.  If a spark just touched the powder, the ship would go BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!  But the ship did not go BOOM, but the Ocean went BOOM at midnight.  Fourth of July, YAAAY.  The sound of the explosion was louder then thunder, and the flash produced by the explosion was enough to light the sky for a few seconds, to appear as day.

Equiano loved living as a sailor. It made him feel free. He enjoyed the social life on board. He felt empowered while sailing. He made it clear that he mentally changed from a scared slave to a courageous sailor. –18joshuaspringfield

Being free is what a slave wants to be.  Free from being owned by someone, free to do as he or she wishes, and free to be his or her own master.  Free slaves also were used as house workers, and they would still work for a mistress or master.  The reason for this is probably because that is the only job that they are hired for, or could get hired for.  It was probably the only job they could get, because the other jobs where for the white people and not the black, and that is in Douglas autobiography.

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Business Lesson 175

“If I pay for 100% of my college education, would I be better off if my parents will give me a college graduation present: half of the money they presently plan to pay for my college costs?”

Yes I would be better off, not just me but my parents as well.  If I followed what Gary North taught me, then I could go through college in two years.  The cost is about $2,000 for the first two years.  I could finish two years for $350 a month, which is $16,800 for four years.  Why go into a lecture that is boring, and all you do is sit down and take notes that are not worth it.  You spend your money on a boring lecture except for a online course that you could complete in half the time as the boring guy that stands in the front of the room, talking about something that is boring.

So why should you go on campise, when you could stay home and do the courses online?  People do not know much about how to go through college the cheapest way.  People who go to college have a 50% chance to get through college.  50% is not good for the parents, or the person going through college.

English Lesson 165

“What I must do in my note-taking to describe what is going on around me.”

To take down notes that are interesting to the reader, and the writer.  For instance, trap shooting, long range rifle shooting, skeet shooting, flying a plane, ants battling, fishing, and more.  The first time I caught a fish, was July 2016.  It was small, not worth eating, but that was the first out of about 50 fish that year I caught.  My secret is that I use worms.  Worms are the best bait there is for fishing.  Every cast is a guaranteed catch, that is if you know how to fish the way I do.  So what you do is that you need to go to a lake that has fish.  Next is to go out onto a dock, that goes out to the lake about 100ft.  Throw the line to the shore, but do not throw the hook onto land.  Throw it to the shore, but 10ft from shore.  The reason why is that the large fish live nearer to the shore and the small fish are farther out in the middle of the lake.

If you want to catch loads of fish, get some fly fishing hooks, and already have the fly on the hook.(The fly is made from thread, and fur, and feathers.)  I learned how to make a fly just yesterday (Tuesday, May 16.)  Another thing is that you should go to the lakes that have no names.  Go on a hiking trip past the lakes, and look for fish jumping.  Then you know where to fish the next time you go fishing.

If you ask a fly fisherman “what is your favorite hook?”, or “what hook do you like?”, they would usually say and show you their favorite hook that they have caught the most fish with.  The reason why the catch more fish with their favorite hook is that they use the hook the most.  Fishing is a fun sport, so if you have not tried it, and what to try it? Go to a place that you know that there is fish, and that they allow fishing, and fish.  Catch your first fish, and take a picture.  I did not take a picture of my first fish, but I do have a picture of a trout that I caught in the dam (Hyrum Dam) with nothing on my hook.  Pure luck.  I gave that trout away to friends, that later that week caught a brown trout.  The trout I caught was a rainbow trout.  Rainbow trout don’t go after still hooks, but this trout was probably hungry, and that is probably why it came after my hook.

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“Has any event in your life had the same impact that learning how to read had on Douglass’s life? If not, why not?”

Douglass was a slave before he escaped from slavery and started his business which was successful.

Yes, and that is to fly.  It is no easy task to begin with.(That is if you hate hights).  You need to learn how to start the engine.  You need to know what YAW, PITCH, or ROLE.  You need to know how to read the instruments, you need to know the right angle of attack to land on the runway, and you need to have hundreds of hours of training to become a commercial pilot.  To become a fighter pilot you need 20-20 vision or you can not be trained.  The US spends millions of dollars on each fight pilots training.  But it takes hundreds of thousands of hours to be one of the best pilots in the military.

Once you get your licence, it would be similar to how Douglass felt when he learned how to read.  Flying is like a freedom.  You feel free to do whatever you want.  Your freedom has expanded to not only land and sea, but to the air.

Another event would be trap shooting, or skeet shooting, or any form of shooting that is done in a safe area, and manner.  When you are anti-gun, just go to Demolition ranch, and Matt will fix you up so you will become pro-gun.  Shooting guns gives you a sense of power that nothing else gives you.  Start shooting .22 before you move to larger guns.  Learn how to point properly with a shotgun.  Most importantly, have fun.  My first time shooting a shotgun was on that camp in 2016.  My other group mates who had shot shotguns in the past, thought that the shotgun would dislocate my shoulder.  But my shoulder was only a bit hurt but it did not dislocate it.  Out of my entire group, I was the only one that hit all 3 targets/clay pigeons that were there. The first gun I shot was a .22, and the first shot-gun I shot was a 12 gauge shotgun.  Let me tell all of your first timers, hold the shotgun tightly against your shoulder.  Do not bend your back to aim at the target, just move the gun tip up or down, without the butt of the gun leaving your shoulder.  Pull the trigger when ready, and the shot won’t hurt you as much.

So learn how to shoot properly, and when someone tries to break into your house, shoot to wound them, but not to kill.  If they give you more trouble, do what you see fit.  I have now shot a gun 7 times.(each time is when I have gone shooting, and I shot more than one round).

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English Lesson 160

Business lesson 165

“My 9-month plan to get a part-time job at no less than $20/hour to help a businessman improve his marketing.”

First I am going to get my (2nd) web site up and going.  This will be may part time job that I hope will become successful.  I will use Google AdWords to get the site out, and I Will be using affiliate links to help bring in money, to continue running the Ads.  I have a Youtube Channel that is based on this new site.  Angry Studioz.  I am not the best at animating, but I hope to get better in the future.

I will also run ads on my channel to help bring in money as well, but that is when I reach 100 subscribers.  It probably won’t make me $20/hr, but it should make me some money at first.  At the end of 9 months, I will then go on to the local companies, that will need my help and experience in AdWords, and I will help them to make a profit, and a new website.  I will still be doing the part time job through this all, and if by any point I start making more money than the full time job, then I will make the full time job a part time job, and the part time job a full time job.

Then I will make a small company that will make websites and Ads for companies that will listen to us, and then grow the business from there on.  My goal is to start now, that way I will make money to go to flight school, and learn how to fly a plane, and so I can get my own plane when I have the money, and then grow my business to statewide, and then to nation wide.  By then I would be pretty old, or WWIII would have come and gone, with no one to help with there products.  By the way, if there is ever a nuke dropped in your city, and all you can see is white all around you, drop to the floor, get behind cover, and stay away from windows, and you have a high chance to survive the blast.(If Russia or China sent nukes to the US, it would be to target the army bases.  So if you live just a stone throw away, you might/will not survive the heat from the atoms splitting.)

I could have sold you this info for 50¢, and it will help you.  But you get it for free.

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English Lesson 150

“As a writer of an autobiography about life in the woods, would you spend more pages describing an ant war or loons? Why?”

To answer this, you need to know what a loon is.  A loon is a bird like a duck, colored black as night and have white spots on it in rows and columns.  The have red eyes, a long black beak, and a black head.  They have lines down there neck, that are like the stripes of a zebra.  Below that there is a patch of bluish-greenish color.  The picture of the bird is the featured pic.

So would you rather watch a war fought by ants, or to watch a loon in the lake?  I would choose the ants, because it is very rare to see a battle to the death, fought by ants.

He described the battle along the lines of:  he went out side and to the woodpile.  The wood was used to heat up his house an for him to cook his food on and that was where the ants battled.  First he just saw two ants, one black the other red.  He watched them for awhile, and when he looked up, he saw a army of ants, black and red.  The red and black ants where in the ratio 2:1.  If you have done ratio in math, you would know that this means there were two red ants to every one black ant.


This video would be an accurate example of what Thoreau would have seen.  But in a open area, and with way more ants involved.  What is interesting about a bird?  Nothing is interesting about a bird.

Ants are unique insects.  All They have is a nerve knot instead of a brain.  An that is why they can’t think for themselves.  The queen ant has to do the thinking, and she also has a nerve knot.  In Thoreau’s book the black ants were larger than the red ants.  In this video you would see small black ants VS large red ants in a large battle.  The video is a little more than three minutes.  In the end the red ants won the fight, which took hours.

In the book, Thoreau did not tell us who won the fight, so I am going to assume that the red ants won the fight, not just the numbers would tell you, but how hard they bite.  My guess on the battle that Thoreau witnessed took at least a day, because colonies can be in the millions of strong workers.  But the ants he was talking about, on an estimate of 10,000-100,000 ants in the battle.

English Lesson 130

“How could I adopt Northup’s technique of using contrasts?”

Northup was a freeman that was kidnapped and taken to the south and sold as a slave.  For 12 years he was a slave and the same year he was sent back to the north, was the same year he got his book published.  Northup had a great memory, photographic memory.  He was a good carpenter and also made a fish trap that was made from wood to get food for the night.

Back in Canada (that is where I lived for 9 years) we had a trampoline which was fun to jump on and play games.  One of the games we played was: one person would jump on the trampoline, well the others would be out side of the netting.  The door was opened and the people outside of the trampoline would throw a ball at the person on the trampoline, and if the person gets hit, the thrower and the jumper would switch, and the game goes on.

Another game was that two people would jump on the trampoline, and the rest of the people are out in the yard.  The net is on the trampoline and the door closed.  The people outside would throw the ball over the net and try to hit the two people on the trampoline.  The two jumpers had to try and catch the ball before it hit the ground, and if they touch the ball and it hits the ground they have to switch with the thrower.

“In the autobiography Northup used contrasts when he described people with opposing views or when he described good and evil. In my autobiography I would use contrasts in the same way Northup did. When  Northup used contrasts they let him describe the two sides in a way that it was obvious who was right and wrong. This made it so that he didn’t have to flat out say who was right or wrong, he let the reader make the decisions which is a good technique. That is why I would like to use this technique. It gives the reader evidence and descriptions and allows them to choose.”  –18joshuaspringfield

“First, I’ve got to be able to recognize and pick out contrasts in my life. One example would be the rowdiness, distractions, and time-wasting of public school versus the quiet, focused, ‘time-well-spent’ environment of homeschool. Once I’ve found contrasts like this, I need to identify whether or not that specific contrast is useful in my autobiography. If I can pick out the more stark, sharp, clear contrasts, then I should probably use those, instead of ‘blurry’ contrasts. Second, I need to place these contrasts in meaningful spots in my autobiography. Using a contrast about school in the middle of a chapter on photography wouldn’t make much sense. However, if I were describing my transition from public school to homeschool, this contrast would be logical, and helpful.” –Life, School, and Other Things