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ThanksGiving is around the corner and to test your knowledge about thanksgiving here is a few questions and if you now them just type out the answers to them all with the number of the question.

  1. What Christmas song was written for thanksgiving?
  2. Black Friday is the most busiest day of the year because not only massive amounts of turkey is eaten but this makes it the busiest day for?
  3. Male turkeys get so fat that they can’t ___________ Naturally.
  4. ___________ was invented when a company did not know what to do with 260 tons of left over turkey.
  5. George H.W. Bush was the first President to institute an annual turkey____________.
  6. Native Americans originally used ___________ to treat_____ wounds.
  7. Only male turkeys______, and therefore are called________.

Write down in the comments what you think it is.

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With Clive in India

With Clive in India

15 11-20

In my 8th grade English class I read the book “With Clive in India” and it was a pretty good book though it wasn’t one of my favorites. The book is about an young man named Charlie and his best friend Tim who were invited to go on a journey with Captain Clive. In the first few chapters I was introduced to the story line therefore I didn’t get into the juicy action that everybody likes. The book was never slow to develop though. The main characters in the book are Charlie, Tim, and Clive. In my second body paragraph, I will describe the three main characters and in the third paragraph I will describe the setting and the parts of the story I liked and dislike.

My personal favorite character in the book was Charlie. Charlie is an intelligent young man who is very kind-hearted, brave, strong fellow. His best friend Tim is very brave and strong, loyal, kind-hearted and he is pretty smart. Captain Clive on the other hand, is a pretty wild man although he is brave, wise and strong. Whenever Charlie and Tim joined Captain Clive in the beginning of the book they were just average men but as they were with him for an extended amount of time they grew stronger and turned into warriors.

The story takes place in India and because of that, the story expresses parts about king cobras, tigers and elephants. This book therefore has a very Indian feel to it. The author made this book seem like a real-life situation and he also made it very war-like and it was completely action packed. I found this story enjoyable except I was very upset whenever one of the men had to kill a tiger. I also didn’t like how the book was more focused on war because at times the story was boring. I was afraid Tim was gonna die whenever the King Cobra laid on his leg and I was glad they were able to kill it. This part was my favorite part out of the whole story.

In conclusion, I found this story very enjoyable except for the repetitive war parts. I felt like this story was very action packed “Out on the Pampas” tops this book. I wish the book had more incidents like the snake part because parts like that just make the story more enjoyable and interesting. I would recommend this story to anyone who is interested in reading about action-packed war events. I rate this book 4/5 because even though it was good and interesting, I got bored whenever the story mainly revolved around war.

War Of 1812

WAR 1812

15 11-19

The war started because of the Brits. The British started to take Americans on board there ships to go to war. This was illegal and was practically kidnapping.

The Stats only declared war on June 1812. The first battle was a success to the Americans because they just went up to a fort and told the British in the fort to surrender. The British where out numbered 5-1.

The Brits went to the next fort and surrendered. The Americans took over the fort and stayed they. On April 27, 1813 the Americans took over Toronto and burned it to the ground. After that they had a sea battle ant the Americans won that as well. The Americans had smaller and more ships then the Brits had. The British weren’t trying there hardest until they beaten Napoleon at waterloo. Even then they failed to over run America.

Battle after battle the Brits would win and the Americans would win until the battle of Washington came and the Americans lost and the Brits just walk into the city and burned down all the government buildings and ate dinner at the white house before burning that down to.

That was not the last battle.  Battles still went on.  Fort McHenry was the second last battle.  This bombardment lasted for 25 hours nonstop and In the morning the flag still was there and the British just left.  The bombs that the British where using weight 190lb cast iron bombs. I will post a link to the video.  Over 1500 of these bombs where thrown at the fort and it still was standing.

At the end of the battle Francis Scot Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner which is the national anthem for the USA.  But there was still one more battle that was about to happen.  The Battle of New Orleans.  The battle started with the British coming toward New Orleans, over 10,000 Brits to 4732 Americans.  The Americans won a great victory for the Brits ran away.  The total Americans lost, killed, and wounded was 333.  The british was 2,459 lost, killed, and wounded.  This was the last battle of the war of 1812.

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20,000 lieges under the sea.

A mail ship was headed to America when all of a sudden a loud crushing noise of iron was heard.  A man rushed up from under the deck and said that there is a leak.  They patch up the hole/leak and as soon as they made it to America they put the ship into dry docks to check out the damage.

The hole was huge and the press put it in the news.  The people and the government wanted to kill this monster and a huge sum was put out to whoever killed the beast would get payed.  A professor and his servant with a canadian harpooner.

A few weeks later they four the narwal.  The narwal was so fast and was twitch as fast as the ship and to them it was unbelievable.  The eye’s where made out of electric lights.  The engine is a electric motor and the fins were rudders and alleviators to move side to side and up and down.

When the narwal was asleep the ship got closer and closer till the canadian harpooner took his harpoon and through it at the beast.  There was first a noise of the iron hitting the body of the beast when it suddenly jerked up and hit the ship braking the the rudder and trowing the professor and the canadian and the servant off the ship.  They where stranded on the back of a sub.

They had been chasing a sub the entire time.  The sub started to dive and the three men on the back yelled and banged on the sub to let them in.  They where let in and they where fed and they sleeped and they fined out the captain is Nemo.

Out on the Pampas

Out on the Pampas started out when a family was in England and the parents wanted a life that would help there kids in the future become husbands and wives.  There father buys land in Mexico ruffle about 100 acres.  The family first started there training in England by letting the boy’s build and do some target practicing with there dad on a friends farm.  The girls learned how to cook meals and how to hunt.  At the end of 5 months they left for there country life in Mexico.

When the men arrived at the house before the girls they went hunting for supper.  when the girls arrived they had to cook the food and prepare the meal.  The boy’s setter up camp.  The next day they started to build up there new home on the Pampas.  Every thing went well for the first month there and they made progress.  There house was finished, there farm land started to have fruits and vegetables and cotton and more.

Indians aka native Americans attacked there cattle and sheep.  The men and boy’s went after them to get the cattle and sheep back.  On there way there they found dead sheep on the ground because they could not keep up with the rest of the group at night fall they made it to the Indians camp.  They opened fire on them killing some Natives,  they mounted there horses and rode away with a few natives after them.  The men jumped off there horses and fired at the enemy killing about 4 natives.  With this sudden attack they hesitated to attack back.  At the end of this attack only 1 native survived.  The men and boy’s went again to attack and after a few times they got there cattle back.

When they got the cattle back they headed home and went on with life.  That day did not make the natives stop coming after them.  In one of the battles a group of natives were almost annihilate.  Out of all that dead there were 3 still alive and breathing.  The family took the three men and bandage them up and fed them and took cair of them utile they let them free.  When the natives saw that they were free and they got a bow with arrows and a horse they rejoiced.

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