English Lesson 165

“What I must do in my note-taking to describe what is going on around me.”

To take down notes that are interesting to the reader, and the writer.  For instance, trap shooting, long range rifle shooting, skeet shooting, flying a plane, ants battling, fishing, and more.  The first time I caught a fish, was July 2016.  It was small, not worth eating, but that was the first out of about 50 fish that year I caught.  My secret is that I use worms.  Worms are the best bait there is for fishing.  Every cast is a guaranteed catch, that is if you know how to fish the way I do.  So what you do is that you need to go to a lake that has fish.  Next is to go out onto a dock, that goes out to the lake about 100ft.  Throw the line to the shore, but do not throw the hook onto land.  Throw it to the shore, but 10ft from shore.  The reason why is that the large fish live nearer to the shore and the small fish are farther out in the middle of the lake.

If you want to catch loads of fish, get some fly fishing hooks, and already have the fly on the hook.(The fly is made from thread, and fur, and feathers.)  I learned how to make a fly just yesterday (Tuesday, May 16.)  Another thing is that you should go to the lakes that have no names.  Go on a hiking trip past the lakes, and look for fish jumping.  Then you know where to fish the next time you go fishing.

If you ask a fly fisherman “what is your favorite hook?”, or “what hook do you like?”, they would usually say and show you their favorite hook that they have caught the most fish with.  The reason why the catch more fish with their favorite hook is that they use the hook the most.  Fishing is a fun sport, so if you have not tried it, and what to try it? Go to a place that you know that there is fish, and that they allow fishing, and fish.  Catch your first fish, and take a picture.  I did not take a picture of my first fish, but I do have a picture of a trout that I caught in the dam (Hyrum Dam) with nothing on my hook.  Pure luck.  I gave that trout away to friends, that later that week caught a brown trout.  The trout I caught was a rainbow trout.  Rainbow trout don’t go after still hooks, but this trout was probably hungry, and that is probably why it came after my hook.

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