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the black death was a plague that happened in the mid-14th century and is still happening today. The black death came on a small fleet of trade ships, when they came to shore (port) the people were very astonished by how many people died. They also saw black spots on the sailer’s which oozed blood. The mare of the town sent them on there way to try and avoided the plague but it was to late and all the people that looked at them got sick and died. This is just the begging of the 5 years+ of death.

The plague started in the main ports of the country and went in the cities, towns, villages, farms, and more. When the plague hit people fled to the countries and that was a mistake because they where killed or got ill from the black death. The safest place to go was out to sea but you would have to watch out for rats and fleas. The black death is carried by the black rat, the black rat carried the flea across the ocean and that is how the sailer’s got the black death.

There is one nursery rime that is part of the black death and describes what happened. Ring around the Rossy, A pocket fill of posy, Ashes Ashes we all fall down. Ring around the Rossy means the red boils with rings around them, A pocket fill of posy means that the air was so bad that people would go and pick flowers and put them as close to there nose as possible, Ashes Ashes we all fall down means they had to burn the bodies to keep up with the death.

This is a true story and the next time you say that nursery rime remember the black death and how many people died. There was 50-60% of Europe’s population that died, THE END.

The Crusade

The Crusade


The first crusade was the most successful one because they did as the priest said Deus Vult which means God Wills it. The first part of the crusade went and took the mountain pass and had very bad water and no food. Most people were forced to drink there urine, animals blood, sewage water and more. They got sick and died on the way to Jerusalem. Before they went the Pope said that if you are killed you well go strait to heaven or if you go to war and come back alive the you will go strait to heaven when you die. They began there trip in 1095 and made it to Jerusalem in 1099. The battle was mostly known for the massacre there. They estimated 70,000 dead. The pope won the battle.

The second crusade was a failure. Because the did not capture Jerusalem and the pope was mad and they called for a third crusade. The third crusade failed and they called for a fourth crusade. The fourth and fifth crusades were unsuccessful because they ran out of supplies and money. Some of the people that went on the trip said lets rad the towns, cities, and more by the seaside. They did that and when they got to one of the mean cities the massacred the place and took the valuable things. The pope was mad and was going to banish them but when he saw the valuables he said that it was a evil thing the was good. The pope let them stay in the church.

Many people died in the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth crusades. The crusades started in 1095 and ended in 1453 when they were an empire.

The Hanseatic League

Hanseatic League


The Hanseatic League was a trade organization establish in the 14th to 17th century. The trade started when the German governor rebuilt Lübeck (the Capital of the trade group. Then Lübeck joined with Hamburg to make the salt fish trade which means that you can only buy your fish at Lübeck or Hamburg. Then more towns and cities started to join and build up the trade group. It wasn’t till 1358 the League was established.

The towns and cities made small armies and commercial ships to go with the traders. They did this so when the pirate came they would be able to kill them and get the goods on board. At its peek the trade had 70 to 170 towns and cities. Instead of just trading salt fish they even traded iron, copper, cloths, flax, wheat, food, wax, slaves, fur, wood, timber, tar, honey.

The end of the League was in the 17th century when Scotland got its independence back which weakened the league. Denmark weakened the league more by also getting its independence back which made people self-centered and the league went away.

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The End

The Visigoths

The Visigoths


Long ago before the middle ages the Goths were a tribe. The Goths split into to tribes later on in history and they where known as Ostrogoths and the Visigoths. The Visigoths were the western tribe and the Ostrogoths were the eastern tribe. The Ostrogoths settled in western Russia and the Visigoths tried to settle were the Hans were. The got tired from fighting the Hans, so they went and found a new place to live in. The place they found was owned by the Romans. They sent a messenger to ask the Emperor if they can stay in there borders and if you allow them, they will fight for Rome. The Emperor said yes. So they came over the border and settled in. King Alaric 1 had a dream that he was riding in the streets of Rome in a gold chariot. He started thinking that he can make this dream true.

He told his generals and captains the dream and that they are going to war with Rome. They all agreed to this and went to war. He said to the emperor that if you do give us the payment of 5,000 pounds of gold and 30,000 pounds of silver we will withdraw from Rome. The emperor said no and the people said lets get a new emperor to leaded us. The next emperor was very bad at ruling that the got throe the gates. They were able to capturer Rome in 408AD on the third invasion.

His dream came true and he ordered his men to take all the gold, silver, gems, and more. He also told them not to take the riches from the church. Alaric was crowned emperor and made thousands of romans bow and say that he is the greatest emperor in the land. Then Alaric made all the athletes preform in front of him. After six days in Rome, they departed with the riches of Rome. Alaric was on his way to Sicily when he died, and he rained for 16 years.

When he saw that he was going to die he commanded his chiefs to bury him in the river with the most valuable stuff they took from Rome.

The Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings


William desperately wanted to be king of England. The only way to become either king is to kill the king or he promises promise you to be the next king. When king Edward died he left no direct heir to the thrown. So Harold became king and had to go North for war from the invasions from the vikings. The vikings had left there chain mail armor in the hot sun and when they saw the Saxons they regretted taking off their armor. The vikings were brutally beaten battle and that is when he got a messenger that the Normans were approaching the town of Hastings. They moved the army in a couple of weeks and still were able to get the high ground.

The armies were about equal strength and number. This battle lasted a whole day from early in the morning unto late at night. The battle took place in the 14th of October in 1066. 7 miles North-west of Hastings. The battle was at the modern town Battle. The Normans had advantages and they were, knights from France were about 3000 out of 10,000 men, they had archers, and people behind the shields that had big two handed axes that can chop a horse in two. The Saxons were all on foot, and only had rocks to throw, they had the two handed axes and swords. They fought and fought until night. The bishop was with them and saw the king died. The king was struck by the arrow first then four knights came and killed him in the spot.

Seeing that the king was dead the survivors fled for there lives. William went to London to take the title as king, but he was rejected by the people. He was finally made king in December 1066 and he died on the 9th of September 1087 after ruling for 21 years. He lived for 59 years. Well that is the end of the Battle of Hastings.

William Tell

William Tell



William lived in the mountains were the shepherds lived. Down in the valley where the town was lived happy people, until one day the soldiers came from the Hapsburg family to take all Switzerland. Switzerland was organized into small states known as cantons, these cantons united to rebel against the Hapsburg’s to get there freedom back. The Hapsburg’s did not like this so they sent more soldiers to make peace. The governor that the Hapsburg’s put in charge was Gessler who hung a hat on a poll in the middle of the market and said “Who ever passes this hat has to bow to it and to me”. The people fearing Gessler, bowed down to the hat and Gessler. How ever one man did not bow down to the hat or to Gessler, and his name was William Tell. William Tell was a good archer and liked to hunt. Gessler herd that William would not bow to the hat, so he put William and his son into prison. Gessler herd how great an archer William was and set a challenge. William was to shot a apple which was on his sons head. He pleaded to the governor to not do it but Gessler stood firm.

On 18 November 1307 William did the shot and split the apple into two. Gessler saw that William had a second arrow in his jacket. Gessler asked what is that arrow for, William said it was to pierce your heart if my son died or if you harm him. At this Gessler got mad and sent William to the castle of Küssnacht to be put in prison for life on the way there a storm came upon them and the soldiers were afraid the ship would founder so they released William to steer the ship because of his strength. He steered the ship to shore and took a spear and ran and jumped to shore and ran for his life. He was headed for Küssnacht to assassinate Gessler. He got to a rocky and narrow path because they were going to come throw the cliff path. He got on top loaded a arrow in his bow and when Gessler came he let go and killed Gessler. This started the people to realize that they can fight for there freedom, so every one took up arms and went to battle.

When the Hapsburg’s heard about the Swiss killed Gessler he made a large army and went to Switzerland for battle. William and his band where expecting them and went on mountains where narrow paths were. When they came the swiss dropped logs and rocks on then, many where killed and wounded. The Hapsburg’s retreated and did not fight Switzerland again.


100 year war

The Hundred Years War


The hundred years war started in 1337 when the French king Charles IV died in 1328. Isabella was unable to claim the thrown because she was a girl and her son was rejected by the people so that he was not king, but Edward III could not become king even thou he was the closest hare to the thrown. Philip IV became the next king of France which started the hundred years war.

The war started in 1337 when the king of England did not become the king of France when he was the closest hare to the thrown. This war lasted for 116 years one of the longest wars (the longest war lasted for 335 years, it was a civil war and the shortest war lasted for 38 min). This one hundred years war was the longest war in the medievals time. In the battle of Poitiers the Black Prince had a small army compared to the French. The Black Prince ask for aid from his father but got none, but he won the war at Poitiers.

His name was spreed throw England and France on how he won the war against the French. They captured the king of France and the French signed a peace treaty. King John died in prison in 1364, and Charles V became king of France. The king of England and The Black Prince were in failing health and in the year 1376 the Prince died a year before his father and King Henry V became king of England (Henry V was not king of France).

King Henry V made a army of 30,000 men and invaded France. When they landed the army got sick and only 15,000 men survived. But on the opposite side the France had an army of 50-60,000 men. They meat at a small muddy felled at Agincorut.

They had a battle and the French lost and England won. The French lost 6,000 troops to the English lost 400 troops.

But in the 1412 Joan of Arc was born, when she was twelve years old she claimed to have heard and seen angels which told her that she would bring France out of the English hands and would conker the English. When she was 16 years old she went to the king to tell him the message she got from the angels. The king refused her two times and on the third time he allowed Joan to take a small army of about 4000 men. They made her special armer that was white and gave her a white horse.

When she was eighteen she mounted her war horse and went to battle and won many battles. When Charles got the craig to go to the place to be crowned king. He was crowned king and asked Joan to keep fighting for the country. Joan did as he asked and was captured and burnt at the stake when she was nineteen years old.


Pop Pop Boat

How a putt putt engine works.


A pop pop boat works by pulses instead of a flow. Most pop pop engines have two exhaust tubes because when the operator puts water in the engine the operator wants water to come out the other tube to tell them that the engine is full.

When the engine is full of water and you heat the engine up, some of the water turns into steam which then shoots the water out. The momentum and force of the leaving water, causes the boat to go forward. The pressure is greater outside than in the engine making the water rush back.

The steam bubble then condenses, creating a vacuum which draws water back in through the exhaust tube. The cooled water that is brought back into the boiler is then heated and flashed into steam, and the cycle repeats.

The boat goes forward because when it shoots out water it goes in one direction and when it sucks in water it pulls the water from many directions making the boat go forward and then slow down and go forward again. This cycle repeats until the flame goes out.

You can get many engines but the two most common engines are the flat and the coil engine. I’m going to talk about the flat engine first. The flat engine is a simple engine and is the most powerful engine I have seen so far. They are easy to make but are a lot of money. This engine is a medium sound and is good for small boats.

Now for the coil one it is simpler then the flat boiler and is soundless. All you need for this engine is a hollow copper rod. The closest engine to the pop pop engine is the valveless pulse jet engine. The putt putt boat was in the Boy Scouts of America but it was named jet boat. There are many names for the putt putt boat.

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2. How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat – YouTube

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Wulf the Saxon

Wulf the Saxon


Wulf was a Saxon and Beorn was a Norman. Wulf meet Beorn when he was captured by the Normans. Wulf and Beorn are best friends same with Osgod. Beorn was wounded in a battle when the were attacked by Normans but they won and Beorn arm was amputated. They were really mad at the ambush that the Normans got scared and serenaded. Harold went to prince Willem and asked if they can get a ship to go back to England, but Willem made Harold take a oath that Harold was to be a servant to Willem for ever. Harold swore the oath and regretted it but he got a ship to go to England.

When they got to England Edward the king died and Harold became king. Willem sent a messenger to tell him the oath he took and Harold sent the messenger to tell Willem that he is king and that he can do anything he wants.

At this Willem got mad and the king up in the north was coming to fight Harold. The battle was long but Harold won. Weeks after Willem starts to envied and try to kill Harold. Harold was killed by an arrow that went in his eye, the his head was chopped off and a spear in his chest and one of his legs were cut off. The whole army