The school year

The school year is done, and go and have fun.  Celebrate the year you have won, and claim the metal of another defeated year of school.


Lesson 180 english last lesson of english

Why Posting My Essays on My Own Blog Site Every Week Will Benefit Me in the Long Run.

Are blogs a good way to get a job?  Writing is a necessity in life, you need it to get a job.  The better your writing skills are, more easier it will be to get a job.  I can’t write more than this, but the teacher said to write daily to become better at writing.

“Whenever you apply for a job, the first thing a recruiter will do is investigate you online. Having a blog will give potential employers a fuller (and positive) picture of who you are and how you carry yourself, both personally and professionally. And unlike being tagged in an unflattering — and public — image of yourself on Facebook, your blog contains content that you can completely control to project yourself in the best light possible.”

Always lead the person who is going to hire you to your web site, and with this you are more likely going to get hired.  Another thing is don’t post stupid posts on your site, by doing this you will regret it, so go to the post called Lesson 141 English, you will learn more about the internet.

“If you’ve been scanning and searching the Internet for job postings for a while, it’s easy to let your skills slip a little. Blogging will not only keep your knowledge current, but it will also keep your skills sharp as you create cool new content for your readers on a consistent basis. It can also help you stand out as a career expert in your industry.”

If you are looking for a job, then go to the internet, it could not get much simpler than that.  Another thing is to continue to post on your blog, what you are good at, and what you have studied in college or university.

Keep doing what I have just told you, and you have a better chance to be what you want.  If your friends have blogs themselves, and they are doing well, then get them to reblog your posts, so that you can be recognized and get more followers.  There is a guy called 

Follow others and like and comment on their blog’s/post to get their interest, and become a main blogger/top blogger.  The more you do this, the better.  You can get your friends to lead traffic to you, so more and more people would come and see you posts.

The more followers, the better.  Find the people who are interested in the same things as you are.  One more thing is to put hyperlinks on your posts, to allow the reader to go and find the resources you used to make you post.  If you want to know how to make a hyperlink, then click on the word at the very bottom of the page that says “HYPERLINK”.


Lesson 179 english

How should church members have tried to find out what Jesus would have done in their situations?

Instead of just asking the question “What would Jesus do?” they should be praying to get a better understanding on what He would want them to do, and how to go about doing it.  They should be reading and studying their Bible and then mimic what He did to the poor people.  Yes the people of the First church and the Nazareth Avenue church who took the pledge and were doing strange things and forsook their careers and business to help the poor and needy, were the ones who made the greatest impact on the lives of those who were most in need.

Lesson 175 english

What should Virginia have done before giving editor Norman $500,000?  Who would have spent that much money on a NEWS company?  Not me.  Virginia was a million heir with approximately $7027736.91 USD.  But if this book was based in the 1900’s, she would have had an estimated $14359807.30 USD.  All of the money calculations is from 1800’s, 1900’s, and 2015.

Instead of saving the NEWSPAPER that no one reads except for some of the church members of the First Church.  The owner of the NEWSPAPER would put things in that the public wants to see and read about.

Why would a NEWSPAPER editor not put anything that the public wants?  That is what the editor of the NEWSPAPER did.  No detail about crime, no adds, no disasters that happened in the town, and no prize fights.

Virginia should have invested her money first before helping the NEWS.  She could have bought houses around town and rent them out to people, or she could have bought a hotel or motel, for travelers, and make money to help the people in the Rectangle, and help the NEWSPAPER.  If she did that she would still have money to pay for her house.

Her Grandmother was more wiser than granddaughter.  She invested her money and got back even more then she invested.  So if Virginia did this she would still have her $500,000 plus more.

Virginia’s plan was to buy up all the land at the Rectangle and build shelters there for the young ladies at the Rectangle.  The town in the book is called Raymond.  If you are to understand what town it is you will have to read the book.  Raymond is a railroad town at the Pacific Ocean.  Rachel’s cousin lives in Chicago IL.  There are two sides of the town in the book.  One side of town is called the Rectangle, and the other side is where the second and first class people live.

The first meeting at the rectangle was about 1/4 way into the book.  She only decided to buy the land 3/4 the way into the book.  Like I have just said she could have invested the $500,000 and gained a profit and then payed Norman.  She could have started a business by getting people out of debt, or she could have started a bank or another shop for the poor, like Dollarama, and Dollar tree, or A Buck or Two.  One dollar back in the book was about $14-$29.  She could have made a penny shop, where everything is a penny.

All of that would help the poor people.  But why did she not do this in the book?  Saving a NEWSPAPER that is going to go bankrupt was useless.  What would you have done if you were in Virginia’s place and you had $500,000?  Write your answer in the comment section down below.

Lesson 170 english

Which aspect of the plot so far sounds most implausible?

In the book In His Steps, the most implausible thing is that the whole country started to ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?”.  Now the country is doing this and ruining companies.  Does that sound implausible?  Another thing is to shut down the saloons.  But why the saloons?  That is where there is the most people in town, lower class people live there.  They are also wanting to take over the government, and I want to know how that will go.

Instead of voting for someone to run the place as usual, they want to get a christian that will shut down the saloons, and not give out licenses to the saloons.  Another thing is that the oath all 100 members of the congregation took, was how they could be like Jesus, and not how can we make others be like Jesus.

Rachel in the book let down a offer to go and do what she does best, singing.  Girls back then were paid $20 per month with back breaking labor.  Rachel was offered $200 per month.  A male back then was only payed $60 per month, and here Rachel was going to be payed $200 per month.  A ordinary girl would take the offer, but Rachel didn’t.

What the people of the first Church oathed to also destroys families.

That is right, in the story Madam Page left to go down to the south because of her granddaughter.  What is more important, families or friends you actually just meet on the street outside of a saloon?

You be the judge of that.

Why would a NEWSPAPER editor not put anything that the public wants?  That is what the editor of the NEWSPAPER did.  No detail about crime, no adds, no disasters that happened in the town, and no prize fights.

Last history lesson TIMELINE


  1. Battle of Jumonville Glen 1756
  2. Battle of the Plains of Abraham 1759
  3. Seven Years’ War in Europe 1756-1763
  4. Pontiac’s War 1763
  5. Boston Tea Party 1773
  6. Battles of Lexington and Concord 1775
  7. Battles of the Revolution 1776-1779
  8. Battles of the Revolution 1779-1783
  9. The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776
  10. The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union — 1777
  11. The Constitution of the United States of America 1786
  12. The Bill of Rights.  Passed by Congress September 25, 1789.  Ratified December 15, 1791.
  13. George Washington the first president in 1789
  14. Mozart 1769
  15. The abolition of the slave trade in Britain began in 1780
  16. President John Adams 1796
  17. French Revolution (1789-1793)
  18. Rain of Terror French Revolution (1793-1799)
  19. Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821
  20. Louisiana Purchase 1804-1806
  21. American president Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826
  22. Washington D.C founded in 1790
  23. James Madison 1751-1836
  24. War of 1812.  From 1812-1815
  25. James Monroe 1758-1831
  26. Missouri Compromise 1819-Civil war in 1865
  27. President John Quincy Adams 1767-1848
  28. President Andrew Jackson 1767-1845.  First president to be in a assassination attempt.
  29. Second Great Awakening 1790-1820
  30. Westward expansion of settlers in America 1804-1869
  31. Trail of Tears 1838-1839
  32. Impact of railroads in America during the 19th century 1869-1900
  33. John Tyler 1790-1862
  34. Texas Revolution 1835-1836
  35. Mexican-American War 1846-1848
  36. California Gold Rush 1848-1855
  37. Bleeding Kansas 1854-1861
  38. John Brown 1800-1859
  39. Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865.  First president to be assassinated.
  40. The American Civil war from 1861-1865
  41. Ku Klux Klan or KKK.  1st Klan from 1865-1870.  2nd Klan from 1915-1944.  3rd Klan from 1946-present.
  42. President Ulysses Grant 1822-1885
  43. Indian Wars in the West 1622-1924
  44. Presidents James Garfield 1831-1881.  Another assassinated president.
  45. Red Cross 1881-present
  46. Presidents Grover Cleveland 1837-1908
  47. Immigrants to America 1880-1920
  48. Industrial Revolution 1760-1840
  49. Henry Ford 1863-1947
  50. President William McKinley 1843-1901.  Assassinated.
  51. Theodore Roosevelt 1858-1919.  Was shot in an assassination attempt, but survived.
  52. President William Taft 1857-1930
  53. Titanic Construction in 1909.  Lunched in 1911.  Sunk in 1912.  Total death-1,517.
  54. President Woodrow 1856-1924
  55. WWI 1914-1918
  56. The Bolshevik Revolution 1917
  57. President Warren Harding 1865-1923
  58. Calvin Coolidge 1872-1933
  59. Global Exploration 1900-1930
  60. Great Depression 1929-1939
  61. President Herbert Hoover 1874-1964
  62. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only president to serve 4 terms.  1882-1945
  63. World War II 1939-1945
  64. President Harry Truman 1884-1972
  65. Walt Disney 1901-1966
  66. Joseph Stalin 1878-1953
  67. Mao Zedong 1893-1976
  68. Korean War 1950-1953
  69. President Dwight Eisenhower 1890-1969
  70. President John F. Kennedy 1917-1963.  Death was by assassination.
  71. Vietnam War 1955-1975
  72. Lyndon B. Johnson 1908-1969
  73. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1929-1968.  Assassinated
  74. President Richard Nixon 1913-1994
  75. President Gerald Ford 1913-2006
  76. President James Carter 1924-present
  77. Space Exploration 1940-present
  78. Recession of the 1970’s
  79. Computers 1936-present
  80. President Ronald Reagan 1911-2004
  81. President George H.W. Bush 1924-present
  82. Gulf War 1990-1991
  83. Fall of the Soviet Union 1991
  84. Bill Clinton 1946-present
  85. Dot Com 1990-present
  86. September 11, 2001.  9/11/2001.  9/11.  Terrorist attack on American soil.
  87. George W. Bush 1946
  88. Social media from 1970’s-present
  89. Barack Obama 1961-present
  90. For the next president.∞


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