English Lesson 70

“Was Washington’s view of the future also my view of the future?”

“Washington believed that someday everyone would be treated as equals regardless of their race.  His view of the future was ‘A new heaven, and new earth.'”^

During his time blacks and whites did not ride in the same cars on the train, they did not sit together in the bus.  Blacks were always discriminated.  His race probably got the last cars on the train, and the whites got the front cars on the train.  In the bus the whites got the front and the blacks got the back.  This mainly applies to everything.  Blacks probably got the cheap rooms of the hotel well the whites got the top rooms of the hotel.

Now you see that the whites did not like the blacks that much at all, and that is why “Washington believed that someday everyone would be treated as equals regardless of their race.  His view of the future was ‘A new heaven, and new earth.'”^

So far what he believed in is coming true.  Blacks can go to any hotel and get a room that a white person can get.  They can go to the public swimming pool now without getting kicked out.  They can go to the same restaurants as the white people go to.  They can go to the same schools, they can get the same jobs, and more.

What Washington believed has so far come true.



Business lesson 70

“What would it take for Dr. North to persuade me to use Spreader for 10 minutes a day?”

It all defends if he can convince me to uses spreader in the first place.  It is hard to convince me in the first place.  If you were trying to convince me to do spreader, you would fail in the first two minutes.  Most words in history.  Try and read all of these words as fast as you can, but time yourself and write it in the comments down below.  The chance that people are going to do what I just asked, are small.  By the way you need to have open office to use the document.

If Dr.North and I were having a face to face conversation about spreader, and he was trying to convince me to use it, he would fail, unless he gave me a tablet or a smartphone.  Then I would do the spreader, otherwise I would not.

There are few ways to get me to use spreader, and the first two are in the paragraph above.  The next is to pay me to use it.  This is the last one.  If it is something I don’t want to do then I will not do it.

I can be competitive, but I only read for fun.  If I were to research something, I would look up a video on the topic.  Welcome to 2016, nearly 2017.

Lesson 65 english

“Was Washington’s program for gaining social acceptance for blacks an elitist program?”

Blacks and whites are equal, same with all of the other races out in the world.  Booker was for all races to be equal, but the whites always thought of themselves higher than the blacks, well Booker also thought that blacks should have the same rights as the whites to voting.  Nothing in the constitution for America said that blacks were not allowed to vote.  They are human to, so they also had the right to vote if they were citizens of America.  But was Washington’s program for gaining social acceptance for blacks an elitist program?  YES.

Business lesson 65

“I will sell my business when it makes a profit of $500,000 a year, so that I can retire.”

I know a business that can make me millions of dollars, but is I told you what it was, then you would probably do it.  If I could make $500,000 dollars per year, then I could retire in 30 years with about $12,000,000.  That is if I spend $100,000 per year.  But if I spend only $50,000 per year, then I would have $13,500,000.

But I would still say in the business till I am 70 years old to get the money that I will retire on.

Lesson 60 english

“What are some memorable images from the narrative? Why are they memorable?”

So far the most memorable thing in the book was how the blacks did Christmas.  The children would wake up at 2:00 am and go knocking on doors in the neighborhood and ask for christmas gifts.  This was the same as halloween to them.  The blacks to a week off, starting a day before christmas and ending it on new year.  The blacks were expected to get drunk.  On the plantations this was the only time for celebration.  The children did not get gifts from their parents or even “santa”.  After three hours of going from door to door, the children would go back to their homes or go to the fields to play.

The adults would then get the whisky and start to drink.  For an entire week this went on, except for the knocking on doors.  The adults would go to a cabin and start to get drunk, and the people started to dance.  At these dances there was often shootings and cutting with razors, and knives.

Most of the day they when they were in town, they would often stay there for the entire day.  What they had to buy could have been gotten by one person in about 10 mins.  During the blacks holiday, they would also go into town and try out their guns and blackpowder.  There was no law for the blacks, except for they were not allowed to bother the white people.  If they did they would be arrested by the sheriff or eny law enforcer in town.

Booker thought there people who came and studied at the school how to work.  He had purchased a large plot of land and every day would go and cut down trees to plant a crop to help pay off the debt.  The people who studied at the school also help to clear and plant a crop.  In just five months they payed off all of the debt for the land, and they received over one hundred acres of land.

The big house was burnt down when they bought the land, so they made the barn, then hen house, and any other building on the property into a school.  They started to design a proper school building that was an estimated $5,000.  Year by year they built up the school building until it was completed.

There were these two woman who donated $400 to pay for the debt they owed someone.  Miss. Davison would go around the cities in the north and ask for money to help build up the school in Tuskegee.  Some of the days when she went home from walking for hours, she would just collapse on the bed from exhaustion.

The school has 5,200 acres of land to this day, and has had nine presidents.  The school has 3,118 students in 2012.

Lesson 60 business

“Which three time-allocation changes could increase my productivity the most. Why?”

I would spend less time reading each day.  I hate reading and I hate writing like most of you already know.  I spent hours reading far world on Saturday.  So I do read but I read for way too long. So I can cut back on reading.  From the time that I have stopped reading, I have started to build a catapult.  The catapult is almost done, all I need to do is add on the arm, and the rope.  Yes the catapult is going to be firing with a rope mechanism, not elastic.

With all of the reading cut back, I can also put the time to good use in finishing the school year earlier.  Which I have already done.  I start school at 8:30 am and finish at 2:00 pm.  From 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm I am on wordpress reading your post that you post on your site.

For lunch I have a quick sandwich and then I am working on the catapult.  You now see what I do with my time.

I really do not know what else to write.