English Lesson 145

“How important is it for a person to summarize his philosophy of life in an early chapter of an autobiography?”

Summarizing your past life is important, and that is what makes a autobiography an autobiography.  The reason why it would be important is to get the reader’s attention and to tell them where you came form, which allows them to know what circumstances you grew up in and to also keep them from criticizing you for what you have done.  The reader might laugh at what you have done because they probably have done the same thing you have done.

Another thing for writing your past tense first is to tell them your hardships and to tell them how you got over it and how long it took.  You could tell them all the fun you had with friends and also past friends that have died in accidents that were completely out of your control or your friend(s). (None of my friends have died).  You could tell people the stories when you went camping, and what you did there, and how it ended.  Here in America, people that I know of get lost on camps, but they always find a way to get back safely.  They rappel, hike, ride bikes on trails, go shooting, and more.

In Canada the people there jump off roofs (at camp), camp close to forest fires (2014, header image.  I was there when the fire was still burning, not this close but the camp that we YM where supposed to be at was to close to the fire, and we had to evacuate.  But the other camp site was still within 50km of the fire.)  We went rappelling, shooting, swimming, and one of the YM had to get stitches because he came up in front of a rock that someone just skipped(I know who skipped the rock), hitting the guy right above his eyebrow.  He had two choices, one was to go to a hospital and skip the rest of camp and two was to stay and get the stitches there without the freeze shot to numb the pain.  He went for the second choice.  He stayed till the end of the camp.

It is very important that a person summarizes his philosophy of life early in an autobiography. When people are reading an autobiography they want to learn about the author’s point-of-view on life; that way they can understand why he described events the way he did. It help’s for the author to state his philosophy early that way the reader can see the events through the author’s eyes and their own. Then they can compare the author’s views of events to their own. A reader could also get bored if the author just starts describing events without introducing his beliefs early. It could also confuse the reader because he is guessing at your philosophies and thoughts.  —18joshuaspringfield

So, is it important for a person to summarize his philosophy of life in an early chapter of an autobiography?

For me, it is.


Business Lesson 150

“Procrastination kills.”

Procrastination is not good for business.  It destroys business.  For people who do not know what Procrastination means, just click on the word that is highlighted.  Procrastination destroys business and companies, so it is best just to do the job or get someone to do it immediately.

Procrastination reduces sales, and drives away the customer.  The customer is the supplier of cash in the business, and you are trying to sell a product and if you hesitate, the customer might go to the next company.  So don’t hesitate.

“Procrastination kills.”

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English Lesson 140

“Would Walden have been a better book if Thoreau had supplied more background information on his life?”

Waldens book is more on science then talking about his past, like Mark Twain.  Waldens book should not be called an autobiography because he talks more on his worldly goods and not on his life when young.  I would consider this book if it was more on his childhood, but since it is not I would call the book a fail.  If I didn’t have to read the book, I would not, but since it is part of the curriculum, I have to read it.  His background info would make this autobiography better and easier to read.

“This time, however slim the chance may be, I have been kindly asked my opinion (cough not cough) on if Thoreau had put some background to his life would his autobiography be better? like hmm I don’t know maybe his childhood story? Now I don’t know about my very few readers but I would be very curious to know if Thoreau’s background has any bearing on his crazy ideas if they have a source besides himself. In this boring essay that only people that don’t have anything else to do and are scrolling listlessly on this essay in which case I would strongly advise finding something else to do and because if anything it will make you even (however impossible it may seem) more bored than you already are. I have but one point: and it is how a background story would help Thoreau’s narrative.” nainarelcm

“I think Thoreau’s autobiography would have been better if he had provided more background information. I  have had a hard time understanding all of his stories and views because he completely left out his early life and childhood.”  18joshuaspringfield

Waldens book should not be called an autobiography:

“Walden was not really an autobiography. It would have been better if it had provided more background information about his past and life. He left out his early life and childhood. He had only described his adult life and crazy opinions. “ JORDANMELISSA9

No Wonder he could live on $40 a month, because he lived with his mother:

“He gave some information such as he was a school teacher, never liked commerce, worked six weeks out of the year, and he also he lived with his mother. “ JORDANMELISSA9

He lived 26 months in a shack by the lake:

“Henry Thoreau spent 26 months of his life living in a shack, next to a pond, doing just about nothing, a mile and a half from Concord. Afterward, he wrote a book about it. I don’t have to make a stretch to say that it was a quite disappointing. Thoreau is revered in my day as intelligent, keen, wise, and even as a good writer, but I see none of these attributes in his book, ‘Walden’.” Life, School, and Other Things

English Lesson 135

“Was Thoreau dependent on the division of labor while he was living on Walden Pond?”

Thoreau was an independent man on the division of labour.  He lived alone in a shack by the Walden Pond.  Thoreau hired people to plow his land, and he planted his crops.  He did go to town to get food and all, so he could live.  But he said that he could live without going to town or into civilization.  But he did not prove it.  He only earned $8.71 annually when he sold his vegetables and crops he had, when he could have went to someone’s farm and worked there and earned about $100.

Thoreau thought that the telegraph was useless, but he was wrong. The telegraph was one of the most important inventions in the world at the time.  It helped people know what was happening all over the country.  But Thoreau thought that it was useless and why would the people on the opposite sides of the country would want to talk to each other at light speed?  Did he ever think that it could be used to contact family on the other side of the country?  What ever he was thinking, he is totally wrong about the telegraph.

“Thoreau was not dependent on his division of labor. Why? Well, his income came supposedly from his bean field. However, if you look at the math of how much money the field actually produced, you would see that there was no profit. Instead, it barely paid for itself. If I can recall correctly, the small bean field produced about eight dollars per year. Thoreau could not manage his finances. In fact, he relied mainly off of his mother. So in conclusion Henry David Thoreau was not dependent on his work, if he was able to get by on a bean field that did not profit.” –lanigirl2000

I am not the only one who agrees, and it is not just us, but a lot more.

He said that trains killed more people then they helped, but that was false.  Yes, trains did kill people who are not careful, but they could transport people and tools, and food, and cargo to places that needed them at speeds that surpassed 100 km/h.  There were no planes back in that day, and the other option besides a train was to walk, or ride a horse, or ride in a wagon pulled by an ox.  He said that he would rather ride an ox and wagon to heaven, than ride in a train car that is on its way to heaven, breathing malaria.  Well if I had to choose, I would go for the train car, because malaria comes from mosquitoes, and you don’t get it from breathing it in.

Thoreau would be breathing in the malaria for longer if it were an airborne disease, and he would have died before he got to the place he was headed for.

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Business Lesson 125

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an online course that you get to learn the art of business, and science.  The curriculum is not common core, 98% of the course is self-taught from grade 3 and up.  The Curriculum is manly videos to learn, and then you get a 30 minute project/thing to do, like today I have to write a 500 word essay.

All of the courses come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Reason #2: Students begin writing weekly essays in the fourth grade. They do this for nine years. They master the unique lifetime skill of effective writing. (For an example of a fourth grader’s essays, click here.)

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Reason #4: Students help each other on the courses’ forums.

Reason #5: Daily video lessons — exclusive to the RPC (not on YouTube). Here’s why your child needs a video-centric curriculum.

Reason #6: There are no textbooks to buy — even in math and science courses.

Reason #7: Students read original sources in history and government courses.

Reason #8: There is a weekly review lesson in every course for much higher memory retention rates.

Reason #9: In most of the high school courses, college professors or Ph.D’s teach.

Reason #10: There are three high school tracks: humanities, math/natural science, and business.

Reason #11: The high school has two years of Western civilization — unique. (Most have only one year.)

Reason #12: The high school has two years of Western literature — unique. (They parallel the Western Civ courses for better understanding of both history and literature.).

Reason #13: The American history course and the American literature course are also parallel for better understanding of both — unique.

Reason #14: The high school has two year-long courses on starting a home business.

Reason #15: The high school has a full-year course on public speaking.

Reason #16: The high school has a year’s course on personal finances for teens.

Reason #17: The curriculum is academically rigorous.

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Reason #26: Everything comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


English lesson 120

“Describe the differences between Northup’s response to separation from his children and Eliza’s response to separation from her children.”

To understand the situation you need to know that Northup’s was a free man at birth, and that his children were born free.  Northups children were free and in the north with his wife.  Eliza’s children were taken from her and sold to different masters, and Northup said that she might not see her again.

Eliza’s children were born in slavery and same with Eliza.  So that is also a difference.  Eliza and her children were promised to be free when their master died, and they were just sold, and stayed in slavery.  Once a slave, almost always a slave.  Slavery was a corrupt thing in the north.

She was even so depressed that it seemed logical to talk to her children, even though they weren’t there. Eliza was clearly more emotional about it than Northup was.

“Well, Northup didn’t really think about his children much the first couple of days, because he just thought that he would be gone a few days then return to his family with some extra pocket money. But apparently that wan’t the case. I don’t recall exactly what the book says about it, but I’m sure he was devastated. Comparing that to Eliza’s reaction to her own separation, it sounds like she clearly wasn’t expecting it, because it was just all of a sudden, Emily (Eliza’s daughter) was there one moment and gone the next. She was upset, and she showed it”

I am not the only one who agrees.

“Eliza, being a mother, had a much harder time when separated from her children than Northup. She practically gave up on life, without her children she had nothing to protect or nothing to live for. Northup’s response had less emotion, while Eliza had to stand back and watch men take her children, Northup didn’t fully process the fact that his old life and family were gone until several days after they left. Northup also harbored the fact that he was born a free man and therefore had a much better chance of seeing his children again. Eliza was born a slave and knew the chances of her reuniting with her children are close to none.”

It is three of us who agree.

English lesson 115

“Did Thompson provide persuasive evidence that South’s slave system was morally evil?”

Well yes he did.  In one chapter he would talk on how nice and good his master or mistress were, and in the next he would talk about another slave owner that would be cruel to all of his slaves.  In one of the chapters he was whipped for no fault of his own, and then he went home to his mistress, and told her the story, and then her brother went to the sheriff’s office and whipped the person who whipped Thompson.

If you searched John Thompson there is practically nothing about him, except of the writings in his book.  He was not as popular as  Washington.  Washington was also a slave, but he was born during the end of slavery, and he did not spend much time as a slave.  But what made him popular in America was when he started a school for blacks.  It started for blacks, but ended up being for whites and blacks in the end.

In his stories that he wrote down a lot of the slaves were cruel people, that whipped their slaves for no reason.  One of his masters would whipped his slaves once he came back from trips around the country.  He would assemble them to the main house and then whip them.  He would say that a little flogging is to keep the slaves from disobeying.  Not in those words but that is the main idea of that master.

Thompson was like a slave named Ben, who did not like floggings, but always worked well, and was rewarded by not getting flogged.  Let me tell you about Ben.  Ben was one of the best slaves that one of slave owners owned.  He was hardworking and for what he did, he did not get flogged.  One day the overseer whipped Ben for not riding the wagon fast enough, and Ben beated the overseer for what he did.  The owner then took Ben and whipped him, till you could see his guts moving inside of him.  Ben then said that he would kill the next person who whips him, and then he would be sent off to the gallows at once.

Thompson was just like Ben, he worked hard and did not get whipped when he did, but he also nearly killed a overseer and then got whipped for it.  The overseer left the plantation, and never came back.  Now I am wondering if the overseer was also the one who whipped Ben?  Because then he got wrecked by two slaves he whipped for no reason.

So, did Thompson provide persuasive evidence that South’s slave system was morally evil?  It is quite obvious that the answer is yes, and just to tell you he did like the good slave owners, and disliked the cruel ones.

“What I think was that he knew the slave system was wrong, but he still preferred some owners to others.”

“Kind of like public school. The system is wrong, but sometimes the teachers can be good.”

English Lesson 110

“What was Thomson’s theory of the relationship between sanctions and slavery?”

Thomson was born a slave and hated it.  He was born in the year of 1812.  (If you do not know what this date represents let me tell you.  It is the date when the Canadians/United Kingdom and the Americans were at war.  This war lasted from June 1812 to February 1815.)  Having no freedom is probably what he hated as well.  He hated to be whipped, and told several stories when slaves were whipped till the skin on their back came off.  Most slaves then choose to kill overseers in order to be hanged and not be wiped.  One story in the book is when the owner whipped his slave till you could see his intestines moving inside of him.  Cruel wiping.  The only time the owners kill a slave is if they kill an overseer or someone else.  Slaves were property back during slavery, and could be sold whenever or wherever you wanted.  Be glad that slavery is banned in the USA.  Slaves then usually did not get payed for their work.  Well, they did get payed but not with money, more like with food and shelter and clothes, even though the food they got was not the best quality, and the clothes would be uncomfortable.  The shelter would be log cabins that had gaps in the walls, and everywhere in the caban.  This is the setting for a cruel slave owner.  The other slave owners would have better shelter, with less or no gaps, and they would probably still get the non nutritious food as the cruel owner gave, but they would get more.

Thomson believed that God would impose negative sanctions on the cruel, and unmerciful slave owners.  These are the slave owners that would whipped slaves without cause.  He thought that the entire system would be destroyed, which it did later during the American Civil war.  He told stories of cruel slave owners dying.  One of the cruel owners died three days later from a heart attack, while sitting on a gate, under it was a female slave with her neck under the gate.  If all of the slave owners were kind, and only whipped for doing something that is against the laws.  For instance, if they are walking around not hurting anyone, and you whipped him for nothing, then you would be considered a cruel master.  In the other hand if you don’t whip him or her, then you would be considered a good master.

So in conclusion, slavery was bad…….   Some of the owners were cruel……  And Abraham made a better America in the American Civil War.  Slavery was abolished, and now it is illegal to have slaves in America, but there is still countries that allow slavery.


Lesson 100 english

“Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?”

I have not given a speech in my life.  Never have and I hope never will.  I hate being in front of a class or in front of a assembly.  I start to get nervous, my eyes water up (not crying, just from being nervous), I start to stutter, I skip works in the speech, and I have a mental break down.  I don’t throw tantrums in front to the people, but I just hate it.  I am fine with a small group of people, like ten max.  I can give a speech to them, but more then that, I can not.  Last time I have been I front of a class was like two weeks ago.

Since I have not given a speech, I probably would just write a bunch of stories.  Life stories that happened, like flying the plane, or repelling, or the first time I caught a fish which was last year during the summer.  I will not give you a speech.  If you were hoping for it, then forget about it.  There are plenty of stories I can tell you in my Autobiography.

When I write my Autobiography, I want to be as accurate as possible.  The best way to reconstruct a speech is to look it up, and if it is one you gave, look for the paper or electronic device that it was written on, and if it was destroyed, then try your best to rewrite the speech.  It is improbable for use to remember the speech word for word.  Unless you have a photographic memory.  There are a few people in the world who can repeat a speech word for word.  Since I have not given a speech in my life, I would probably write speeches form more popular people, like Donald Trump.

Since I am not famous why should I give a speech?  There is no reason why I should give a speech, because someone else is doing it.  To tell you another thing, you can try to bribe me with money about giving a speech, and I would not do it at all.  ” Unless, I knew for certain that the whole speech would absolutely shoot at the reader’s heart and hit them to utterly convince them of something essential in life.”

So “Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?”  Not at all, I will not, and since it is improbable that any human on earth without a photographic memory is going to be able to do this, not even in a trillion years.  But you will never be able to get me to give a speech to the public, not even in a million years.

Now I hoped you liked this essay, and please leave a like and a comment below, and I will see you next time.

Business lesson 105

My ad is going to be for one of my youtube channels.  Angry Studioz.  What I am selling you is entertainment, for the low, low price of time.  Actually time is a high price.  What I would also do is for every subscriber’s birthday, I will make a video for them, if they want to.  All they need to do is be a subscriber, and tell me there username so I can make the video.  Each birthday video will be about 15 seconds long, because to render the video takes one minute for one second of video.  They can tell me how they want the scene to be like, but they have to make it themselves and give me a copy.

For instance if they want a rocket, they need to build it before I get the copy.  Then I will put the rocket in mine-imator and there you go, make the scene for the animation.  I will post videos on Saturdays only.  Once every second Saturday.  So this coming Saturday there will be a new video, so go and check it out.

The picture is of the first video I published on my channel.  I Came in Like a Wrecking ball.  So go and watch it.

I have a friend who has a channel called Shoelace Studios, and what he dose is that he takes pictures of lego figures and moves them around.  So he spends months working on each video.