Business Lesson 55

“What can I cut out of my weekly schedule in order to increase my efficiency?”

I could cut out robotics to help free up some time and some space in my week.  Programing the robot is not that difficult, but uploading the program to the robot is.  I have tried many times to upload the program, but it dose not work at all.  The program is not the problem, but there is something on the computer that dose not allow the program to get downloaded to the robot.

I do have lots of time after school that I don’t use at all.  I could put that time to good use.  I could also give up reading other peoples posts, but I wont.

Where I live now, I don’t have to mow the lawn, because we are just renting for now.  The winters over here are short, and the snow just melts away.  But back in Canada, me and my brother shoveled snow, and we made a small business out of it.  In the fall me and my oldest brother would go on the roof to clean out the gutters.  We would get payed for what we did.

In the summer of 2014, me and my oldest brother took out and entire tree stump.  This was not a very big one nor was it a very small one.  It took use about 6 days to get the entire stump out.  This was just with a axe and some (lots) of water.

Later that same year me and my older brother took out two more stumps in the backyard.  These stumps where smaller than the other stump which I help my oldest brother a few months before getting out of the ground.  We took them out in about 2 days.

Just to tell you, that we had to dig around the stump, than cop the roots, and then rip out the stump, and then cover the hole with the dirt we got from the stump spot.  So in that time I have work more than most people my age have.  People who go to public schools.

In the year of 2011 my grandma, and grandpa came over to visit.  They live in South Africa just to let you know.  So for them to come was pretty nice.  During their stay we removed a large tree stump.  The tree was a crab apple tree.  Crab apples are sour, and small.  They are about the sizes of cherry’s.

My dad got a chainsaw and cut the tree down to the ground, leaving about 4in from the ground.  We started by digging around the tree stump, to the roots.  At the roots we took the axe and started to cop roots about 7in in diameter.  Once you cut all of the roots near the surface of the soil, you have to go to the roots under the tree stump.  They are usually thin roots that were about half a in thick.  But once we got rid of all the small roots, there was on large root that was from the middle of the stump to the ground that was covering it.

I have told you some stories of what I have done in the summer with my time, instead of wasting it.


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