Business Lesson 175

“If I pay for 100% of my college education, would I be better off if my parents will give me a college graduation present: half of the money they presently plan to pay for my college costs?”

Yes I would be better off, not just me but my parents as well.  If I followed what Gary North taught me, then I could go through college in two years.  The cost is about $2,000 for the first two years.  I could finish two years for $350 a month, which is $16,800 for four years.  Why go into a lecture that is boring, and all you do is sit down and take notes that are not worth it.  You spend your money on a boring lecture except for a online course that you could complete in half the time as the boring guy that stands in the front of the room, talking about something that is boring.

So why should you go on campise, when you could stay home and do the courses online?  People do not know much about how to go through college the cheapest way.  People who go to college have a 50% chance to get through college.  50% is not good for the parents, or the person going through college.


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