English Lesson 145

“How important is it for a person to summarize his philosophy of life in an early chapter of an autobiography?”

Summarizing your past life is important, and that is what makes a autobiography an autobiography.  The reason why it would be important is to get the reader’s attention and to tell them where you came form, which allows them to know what circumstances you grew up in and to also keep them from criticizing you for what you have done.  The reader might laugh at what you have done because they probably have done the same thing you have done.

Another thing for writing your past tense first is to tell them your hardships and to tell them how you got over it and how long it took.  You could tell them all the fun you had with friends and also past friends that have died in accidents that were completely out of your control or your friend(s). (None of my friends have died).  You could tell people the stories when you went camping, and what you did there, and how it ended.  Here in America, people that I know of get lost on camps, but they always find a way to get back safely.  They rappel, hike, ride bikes on trails, go shooting, and more.

In Canada the people there jump off roofs (at camp), camp close to forest fires (2014, header image.  I was there when the fire was still burning, not this close but the camp that we YM where supposed to be at was to close to the fire, and we had to evacuate.  But the other camp site was still within 50km of the fire.)  We went rappelling, shooting, swimming, and one of the YM had to get stitches because he came up in front of a rock that someone just skipped(I know who skipped the rock), hitting the guy right above his eyebrow.  He had two choices, one was to go to a hospital and skip the rest of camp and two was to stay and get the stitches there without the freeze shot to numb the pain.  He went for the second choice.  He stayed till the end of the camp.

It is very important that a person summarizes his philosophy of life early in an autobiography. When people are reading an autobiography they want to learn about the author’s point-of-view on life; that way they can understand why he described events the way he did. It help’s for the author to state his philosophy early that way the reader can see the events through the author’s eyes and their own. Then they can compare the author’s views of events to their own. A reader could also get bored if the author just starts describing events without introducing his beliefs early. It could also confuse the reader because he is guessing at your philosophies and thoughts.  —18joshuaspringfield

So, is it important for a person to summarize his philosophy of life in an early chapter of an autobiography?

For me, it is.


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  1. Hey man, you’re essays are great! I had no idea you could link quotes from other people’s essays into your own. Good idea, keep up the good work. I’m curious, what is your book about, and why isn’t it open to the public?

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