English Lesson 175

“How important are the words ‘So What?’ in an autobiography?”

Who would write the words “So What” thin his or her autobiography?  Not me.  But as the question is “How important are the words ‘So What?’ in an autobiography?”, which means “So What?” is the question you ask.  It is important for the author to think about this question, and write his or her autobiography in the way the reader would read the book, and fined what is interesting, and what is not.  In Thoreau autobiography, he was all over the place in his descriptions, just as I was when I first started to write essays.  In fact one of my best essays is not actually posted on this site, or on the internet.  It was written on a piece of paper that got thrown away at the end on my first year of homeschool in 2013.

You need detail of what was around you at the time of the event, so your audience will have a mental picture that would make them feel that they were in your shoes, and that they where the person in the event, and not the other.  In Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography, he was descriptive of some of the sense, but not as descriptive of the other ex-slaves were.  Olaudah Equiano was a free man before he was kidnapped by someone in his village.  He was sold into slavery, and he meet with his sister for a brief time, before he was sold to a merchant.  He was the only slave that wrote about the ship he was on, and he was one of the only slaves allowed on deck.  And you, the reader are probably thinking “So What?” right now.  “So What?”.  The reason what is because he tells you the reader how he was sold into slavery, and that is what you want to know.  He learned english, and that was a key thing that he needed to know to become a free man again.

He learned marketing, and he gained 47£ and then he bought his freedom from his master, with a little help from his captain.  Olaudah Equiano learned how to navigate a bit, from the first mate, and then from the captain.  Olaudah Equiano was worth three white men, because he was always on time, he was never late, he never got drunk, and because he was fast in his work.  He was only late one time, not his fault, but a Doctor beated him up, almost till Olaudah Equiano died.  The Doctor took him and placed him into the jail.


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