English Lesson 160

“Has any event in your life had the same impact that learning how to read had on Douglass’s life? If not, why not?”

Douglass was a slave before he escaped from slavery and started his business which was successful.

Yes, and that is to fly.  It is no easy task to begin with.(That is if you hate hights).  You need to learn how to start the engine.  You need to know what YAW, PITCH, or ROLE.  You need to know how to read the instruments, you need to know the right angle of attack to land on the runway, and you need to have hundreds of hours of training to become a commercial pilot.  To become a fighter pilot you need 20-20 vision or you can not be trained.  The US spends millions of dollars on each fight pilots training.  But it takes hundreds of thousands of hours to be one of the best pilots in the military.

Once you get your licence, it would be similar to how Douglass felt when he learned how to read.  Flying is like a freedom.  You feel free to do whatever you want.  Your freedom has expanded to not only land and sea, but to the air.

Another event would be trap shooting, or skeet shooting, or any form of shooting that is done in a safe area, and manner.  When you are anti-gun, just go to Demolition ranch, and Matt will fix you up so you will become pro-gun.  Shooting guns gives you a sense of power that nothing else gives you.  Start shooting .22 before you move to larger guns.  Learn how to point properly with a shotgun.  Most importantly, have fun.  My first time shooting a shotgun was on that camp in 2016.  My other group mates who had shot shotguns in the past, thought that the shotgun would dislocate my shoulder.  But my shoulder was only a bit hurt but it did not dislocate it.  Out of my entire group, I was the only one that hit all 3 targets/clay pigeons that were there. The first gun I shot was a .22, and the first shot-gun I shot was a 12 gauge shotgun.  Let me tell all of your first timers, hold the shotgun tightly against your shoulder.  Do not bend your back to aim at the target, just move the gun tip up or down, without the butt of the gun leaving your shoulder.  Pull the trigger when ready, and the shot won’t hurt you as much.

So learn how to shoot properly, and when someone tries to break into your house, shoot to wound them, but not to kill.  If they give you more trouble, do what you see fit.  I have now shot a gun 7 times.(each time is when I have gone shooting, and I shot more than one round).

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Business lesson 90

“The ideal apprenticeship job, and why.”

Just yesterday I went to the BATC.  Bridgerland Applied Technology College.  At this College you learn skills in fields that need them instead of a degree.  There is over 40 departments in the College, and you get payed for working in the school.  There is a painting house in the building, and you get payed to work on your own car.  About $18 per hour.  With classes coasting about $1.50 per hour.  This College is based on skills, and it is like an Apprenticeship at school.  If you want to learn how to weld, go to this BATC.  If you want to learn how to paint like you are a mythical person, then go to BATC.

This is the ideal apprenticeship job, and the reason why is that you get the hands on experience.  You get payed to work there, and you pay to get classes.  You would get everything you need just like an apprenticeship and more.  There are lots of jobs that needs a skill in order for you to do good.  What I heard yesterday was that the skill to no skill jobs was 7-1.  A skilled job would be welding, an unskilled job would be playing games and uploading it to youtube.  Simple as that.

What I would be is a pilot.  Being a Pilot is a skill, you need the hours of training to be good, and to be safe.  Pilots don’t get  good by just reading about flying, they get good by training in the plane, for hundreds of thousands of hours.  The US Air Force has pilots that trained for hundreds of thousands of hours, and they are flying jets that travel at Mach speeds, that shoot missiles, and they can do there stuff in seconds.

Train Engineers were probably apprentices when they started their job.  Ship operator, welder, auto shops where they fix your car’s up, robot builder, programer, hacker, cooking, bucher, farmer, detective, construction worker, Business owner, learning martial arts, doctor, dentist, woodworkers, forging metals, and many more.

Number one thing you need to do is to get a skill that no one has, and to get a job in that skill so it would be hard to replace you.  You can also make your own company and get good working people to help do jobs around the city.  Later on you can teach your own apprentice, and get your company to grow more and more.

Second thing is to make a company that would thrive on the skill you have and the people you hire have.  Continue to grow your company to make more money.

Third thing is to retire when you are wealthy, or that you can stay out of a job until you die.  Your apprentice will probably keep the company going, or he would sell it because of how successful he was, and now the company fell into bad times.

So remember to get a skill that is hard to replace, get a job and an apprentice, and then retirer.