Top 9 fastest planes

Convair F-106 Delta Dart.    The F-106 Delta Dart is a Supersonic plane, traveling at 1,544 mph (2484 km/h) or Mach 2.

Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound.  The MiG-31 Foxhound is a Supersonic plane, traveling at  2,171 mph (3494 km/h) or Mach 2.83.

Mikoyan Ye-152.  The Ye-152 is a Supersonic plane, traveling at 2455 mph (3951 km/h) or Mach 3,2.

XB-70 Valkyrie.  The XB-70 Valkyrie is a Supersonic plane, traveling at 2,056 mph (3309 km/h) or Mach 2.68.

Bell X-2 “Starbuster”.  The Bell X-2 was a Supersonic plane, traveling at 2,094 mph (3370 km/h) Mach 2.7.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 Foxbat.  The MiG-31 Foxbat is a Supersonic plane, traveling at  2,171 mph (3494 km/h) or Mach 2.83.

SR-71 Blackbird.  The SR-71 Blackbird is a Supersonic plane, traveling at 2,200 mph (3541 km/h) or Mach 2.9.

X-15.  The X-15 is a Hypersonic plane, traveling at 4,520 mph (7274 km/h) or Mach 6.

DARPA HTV-2 The fastest aircraft.  A High Hypersonic aircraft.  Traveling at 13,000 mph (20921 km/h) or Mach 17.


English lesson 85

“What can you do now to make your biography less disjointed than Twain’s?”

What I can do is that I can put all of my stories in order to make the reading more fluent and more interesting then Mark Twain’s.  I can tell you that I actually flew a small airplane in the at the small airport of Ponoka.  The airport is just south of the town.  Me and my brothers went there to help a pilot repaint his plane.  The Piper tomahawk paint was coming off, so we went to a store in Ponoka to get some more paint remover to remove more of the paint.  The job took hours to remove all of the paint from just a few parts of the plane.

We finished a can of paint remover and this is when we went to the hardware store to get more paint remover.  When we were out we went to Subway and ate there for lunch.  Then we came back and removed the propeller of the plane.  I volunteered to hold the propeller, and just to tell you, it was heavy.  The propeller was made out of steel, so you could guess how heavy that is.  Well one of the pilots there is an owner of a car dealership.  His hanger is the largest one there.

If you look down at the airport, and you look to the south side of where the hangers are, you should see a large hangar there.  It will look like a large L.  That is the car dealers hanger.  Now the one behind it has two WWII planes in it when I was there.  Now if you for to the west most hangers at the airport, one of the last four hangers is the pilot that we went to help.

One of his friends there allowed me and my brothers to fly his small plane, which was fun.  I only got to fly for about ten minutes, but it was amazing to fly.  We landed in the small patch of grass in the center of the airports runway and hangars.  In the field are a bunch of prairie dogs.  When we went there, the pilot, had his dog named Diesel with us.  We had a fun time at the airport.

The plane me and my brothers flew had like a synthetic cloth, that covered the entire body of the plane.  dga15p.  This is not the plane we flew, but it looks like the plane that we flew, but smaller.

Mark Twain like having the measles for some weird reason.  That is not the Mark Twain that everyone knows, but the opposite.

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