English Lesson 170

“What was Equiano’s attitude regarding his life in the British Navy?”

He loved the Navy.  His position was to carry the black powder to the people that run the cannons.  The main thing that killed the sailors in battle was not the cannon ball, but the wood splinters that wore like knifes, flying around the and killing the sailors.  This was the main cause of death during a battle.  Very few times has anyone been hit by the ball.  I would say they had a 1% chance on being hit by a cannon ball, and a 99% chance of getting hit by the splinters of wood, which in this case was shrapnel.  That is if you are in the path of the cannon ball.  The Walls/hull of the ship would probably be 1-2 feet thick, pretty thick, but they did not stop the cannon ball from coming in, but slowed it down.

Equiano was in a dangerous spot for the fights that he was in.  In chapter four, he was in the middle of splinters, produced from a cannon ball hitting the ship’s hull, and he was not injured, or touched by the splinters.  He was forever in danger during these battles, because he was in the open doing his job by running the powder to the cannoneer.  He and another boy were in charge of this job, and he said that the cartridges were roten that the powder came out from the bottom, and onto the ship’s deck, past the fire tube.  If a spark just touched the powder, the ship would go BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!  But the ship did not go BOOM, but the Ocean went BOOM at midnight.  Fourth of July, YAAAY.  The sound of the explosion was louder then thunder, and the flash produced by the explosion was enough to light the sky for a few seconds, to appear as day.

Equiano loved living as a sailor. It made him feel free. He enjoyed the social life on board. He felt empowered while sailing. He made it clear that he mentally changed from a scared slave to a courageous sailor. –18joshuaspringfield

Being free is what a slave wants to be.  Free from being owned by someone, free to do as he or she wishes, and free to be his or her own master.  Free slaves also were used as house workers, and they would still work for a mistress or master.  The reason for this is probably because that is the only job that they are hired for, or could get hired for.  It was probably the only job they could get, because the other jobs where for the white people and not the black, and that is in Douglas autobiography.

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