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How did WWI begin?

WWI started out with the Anglo-Prussian wars in 1756.  The wars were to tell the people of Germany, who was the leader of the country.  Anglo was the largest and most powerful state in Germany, Prussia was the second.  The war lasted for ten weeks, Prussia won the war, and all of the smaller states joined Prussia, making Prussia the main power in Germany.

Germany having been through a battle, allied itself with Russia, and Austria-Hungary, the two neighboring countries.  With the Allies, Germany started to make steam ships, and a large army.  Prussia started its industrial revolution and became the second largest industrial country, behind Great Britain.  Prussia made the double Treaty that was between Prussia and Austria-Hungary.  Italy joined in the Treaty making the Triple Treaty.  Russia, and France, seeing that Prussia was growing to fast, allied themselves.  Then Great Britain Allied with Russia and France.

WWI didn’t start with the 6 large countries, but started with the smaller countries.  Serbia, a small country, allied with Russia, assassinated the Archduke, Franz Ferdinand.  They hoped that when they assassinated the Archduke hair, that Austria-Hungary would give back Boznean, but it just started a large war.  Austria-Hungary then declared war on the small country of Serbia pulling in Russia and the other major countries.

This war lasted 4 years, 3 months, and 2 weeks.

The countries on the side of the Allies were:



Great Britain









United States of America



The countries on the side of the Axis were:

Germany / Prussia


Ottoman Empire


Losses for the Allies:

5,525,000 Military dead

12,831,500 Military wounded

4,121,000 Military missing

22,477,500 total.

Losses for Axis:

4,386,000 Military dead

8,388,000 Military wounded

3,629,000 Military missing

16,403,000 total.

Strength of the Allies:

42,959,850 Military.

Strength of Axis:

25,248,321 Military.

The Power of Steam

The name Titanic, means gigantic, from the greek mythology.  If you are going to understand the power of steam, then you will have to find the first steam engine.  But in these paragraphs, there is things on the two ships that were just cm, shorter than the Titanic.

The first steam powered ship was built and designed by John Fitch. This ship averaged 13 km/h. This ship was mostly made out of wood. The spot on where the boiler would go was made out of iron.

The Titanic was launched on the 31st of May 1911, but was only completed on the 2nd of April 1912. This ship’s sisters were the RMS Olympic and HMHS Britannic. The RMS Olympic was launched on the 20th of October, 1911 and went out of service in 1935. While the HMHS Britannic came into service on 23rd December, 1915 and sank from a explosion on 21 November 1916 near the island Kea in the Aegean Sea.

All three ships looked the same, the Titanic’s length was 269.1m, the Britannic’s length was 269.06m, and the Olympics length was 269 m. The Titanic’s tonnage was 46,328 GRT, Britannic’s tonnage was 48,158 GRT, and the Olympics tonnage was 46,439 GRT.

The Titanic could go 44km/h with all 3,547 passengers on board. The Olympic and the Britannic could only go 43km/h. All three ships were made out of Steel. All three ships cost about 7.5 Million USD to make.

The Titanic, before it hit a iceberg, was warned to look out for icebergs, and to keep on the lookout until the ship docked safely at New York harbor.  The ships that radioed in, more like telegraft in, just was in that part of the sea, and that is why they warned every ship.

The night before the ship hit the iceberg, the crew were on watch, looking out for icebergs without binoculars.  Things that they did wrong, was that the captain was going at full speed, which was 44km/h, and he didn’t listen to the warnings, and that the crew on the lookout didn’t use the binoculars.  So when the iceberg was seen, the captain tried to swerve out of the way, instead of hitting the iceberg straight on.  If they hit the iceberg straight on, all of those people could still be alive, and the ship would have had a large dent in the front.

The crew thought they had just grazed the iceberg and there was no damage, but the iceberg shaved off the heads of the rivets, and uncovered about five watertight compartments.  The ship that people thought and said was unsinkable, began to go under the surface of the water.  It took two hours for the Titanic to sink completely.  Before the Titanic sunk, the telegrapher’s set out the S.O.S. signal, which means Save Our Souls.  This signal was a new one.  The Titanic also shot fleers for nearby ships to come and help them.  A ship only came two hours after the Titanic was out of sight, and there was only 710 survivors, and 1514 died.

Henry Ford: History lesson 90

Henry Ford, was a farm boy born in July 30, 1863.  Henry Ford liked to tinker with things. His father bought Henry a watch. Henry took the watch apart and reassembled it.  All his friends and neighbors gave him the nickname of watch repairer.  He then fixed watches in the neighborhood.  In 1882, Henry was hired by Westinghouse to service the steam engine.  In 1896 Henry Ford made the very first Ford car called Ford Quadricycle.  After the test drive, he brainstormed on how he could make the car more efficient.  In 1909 the first Model T car was made and sold at the price of $825. In today’s money, that is $21,700 (as of 2016).

The total amount of cars sold was 14,689,525.  In 1925 the car dropped down to $260, which in today’s money is $3,510 (as of 2016).  The car was sold around America for affordable prices, and allowing almost every American to have a car.  The cars were mainly sold to middle class people.  Ford was able to build up factories that made cars in 6 different countries.  The Company Ford also took over 46% of the car market.

Edsel Ford (Henry’s son), took over the company in 1919 but died of stomach cancer in 1943 at the age of 49.  Edsel wanted to make a car that was better than the model T, so in 1927 he made the Model A.  The Model A was a nicer looking car that cost more than the Model T.  The Ford company will always be in control of the Ford family until the death of Henry Ford II, never to be sold.

When Edsel died, his father took over the business until Henry Ford II was of age.  Henry II was only in office from 1945-1979.  He retired and handed over the company to Philip Caldwell.  Philip was a successful businessman and started to make the Ford Taurus which was a popular car.  He was born in Jan 27, 1920 and died on July 10, 2013.  Donald Peterson is now president of the Ford company.  Peterson has been employed for 40 years in the Ford Motor Company.

Thanks to Henry Ford for starting the production of cars on a large scale, and to the many people who work for hours to make the cars, and also for the affordable price on which the cars are sold.  Henry Ford has changed America starting with the Model T and continuing on to the Ford Flex.  The Ford company was founded in 1899 and is still running today.  That is 117 years that Ford company has been around.

Henry Ford also made planes before WWI and stopped making them during the great depression.  During WWI Henry Ford started to make airplanes for the army and cars for that purpose to, same with all of the other car companies.  During WWII Henry Ford started to make planes again.  These planes he made were B-24.  The beginning of construction was in 1941, and the first plane was finished in 1942.  Alone this building built 9,000 B-24 planes and that was only half of what was built.

Summery of the chapters (One Sentence): lesson 98

Chapter 1, Jarom gets his first ship at Pearl Harbor.

Chapter 2, Jarom goes back to Pearl Harbor to get his second ship and travels to Japan.

Chapter 3, Kade becomes the new Captain in the book.(Only for his own fleet of ships).

Chapter 4, Fill is introduced, and is the cook for the USS Moody.  This ship sinks.

Chapter 5, Jarom meets Tray after their first battle on the USS Iowa.

Chapter 6, Jarom and his crew fight their way home to get the ship repaired.

Chapter 7, Kade gets his new ship, and goes back to war, his new ship is USS Moosbrugger.

Chapter 8, Kade is in a battle and his ship sinks from a mine.

Chapter 9, Jarom can not wait for his ship to be repaired, so he gets into the USS Captain.

Chapter 10, Jarom goes to help Kade fight the war at Germany.

Chapter 11, Kade gets his submarine and goes with Jarom to fight the war at Germany.

Chapter 12, Our first battle together, and the us won.

Chapter 13, Jarom and Kade continue fighting, but both know that the war is almost to an end.

Chapter 14, Germany and Japan surrender.

Chapter 15, Jarom and Kade, with Tray travel around the world in the USS Captain which Jarom bought.

The 15 chapters in my book: lesson 99

Chapter 1: Jarom’s First Battle.

Chapter 2: Getting a New Ship.

Chapter 3: Kade the New Captain.

Chapter 4: The Cook at War.

Chapter 5: Tray the Hero.

Chapter 6: Fighting our way Home.

Chapter 7: Kade’s Ship Sinks.

Chapter 8: Kade’s New Vesile.

Chapter 9: Jarom meets Kade.

Chapter 10: Jarom’s new ship.

Chapter 11: Kade is Captain of a Submarine.

Chapter 12: Fighting Together.

Chapter 13: The End is Near.

Chapter 14: The Treaty.

Chapter 15: Around the World in the USS Captain.

Immigration to America Lesson 85

Ellis island was a 3 acres island in the New York harbor, near Liberty island (below Ellis island), and Governor island(to the right of Ellis island).  Ellis island is now over 27.5 acres, all of this came from the subway system in New York City.  Ellis island was bought by a man known as Mr.Ellis.  When he died, the family sold the island back to America.  On the island after the war of 1812, they built a fort.

The fort was only there for 80 years before the Immigration station was built.  The main building, after five years of service, unsuspectingly went up in flames.  The entire building burned to the ground, destroying all of the papers of the first immigrants who came through the station.  Over 1.5 million immigrants  went through the first building.  The first building was a 3 story building, which on its first day in operation, had 700 immigrants pass through it.

Some of the immigrants stayed in New York, and the rest went all over the country out west.

The second building was built and opened in 1900.  The first day it was opened, it could barely withstand the amount of immigrants that were passing through.  At its peak, the station took in about 1 million immigrants per year.  But the most it had taken in one year was 1,004,756 immigrants.  By the time the Immigration station closed, over 12 million immigrants had gone through the station.

In October 2012, the island was closed to the public.  Hurricane sandy was on its way.  After the hurricane, Ellis island reopened to the public in 2014.

Story summery

My short story will be on a guy named Jarom.  He gets into his first battle in the beginning of the book.  This is in the first chapter.  He is at war with Japan and his friend is at war with Germany.  Kade will be mentioned later in the book.  Jarom goes off to sea in the USS Adams, but his first ship sinks in three hits.

Jarom writes down what the second ship looks like, and what weapons it has.

In the third chapter, Kade is introduced.

Kade has his first battle in the fourth chapter.  In the fourth chapter, Fill the cook is introduced.

In the Fifth chapter, Tray is introduced.  Jarom goes to his second battle.

Jarom, goes back to New York for his third ship in chapter 6.

Kade goes to his second battle in chapter 7, and to his third battle in chapter 8.

Jarom goes to Germany to fight the war there for the rest of the battles in chapter 9.  Jarom and Kade meet face to face and fight a fleet of ships from Japan and Germany.

In chapter 10, Jarom and Kade come back to the US to fix up their ships.  They leave in 5 days after that.  They go back and finish the war in chapters 11, 12, 13, and 14.  In chapter 15, Jarom buys the USS Captain and sails around the world with Kade, and Tray.


My main characters in my book: lesson 95

Jarom is the captain of USS Captain, he has brown hair, and brown eyes.  He is 5 ft tall, and is a pilot.  He lives in the US and is a citizen of 2 countries.  He becomes a wealthy man at the end of the war.  His age is 30, and he is really strong.  He buys USS Captain at the end of the war.  He lives on a island that he made at the end of the war in the ocean, not far from America.  Jarom got his wealth by, destroying enemy ships, and taking all of there goods.  Jarom’s first battle was a fail.  The ship he was on then was USS Adams.  It sunk, and only a hand full of people survived.  Luckily the ship that sunk the USS Adams, went away.  His second battle was more successful, but his ship, known as the USS Iowa was badly damaged.  He did sink the enemy ship, but had to get a new ship.  USS Captain was his next ship for his next battle.  This ship was damaged but sunk two enemy ships, and sailed back to port to repair.  Well Jarom has been fighting with the USS Captain for the rest of the war.

What makes Jarom a good Captain is that he dose not allow anyone to smoke or get drunk on his ship.  What this dose is that it makes them concentrate more in battles and to sink ships faster.  Another thing that makes him a good person is that he divides the plunder they get, evenly among the sailors.  Jarom also talks to people on the ship, and always makes them feel welcomed.  Jarom also listens to the plans of the sailors, to attack an enemy ship.  This is also what make him a successful Captain.  Jarom is also honest.

Kade is the captain of the USS Kentucky, he has brown hair, and brown eyes.  He is 4.9 ft tall, and lives in the US.  He is a citizen of 2 countries, and becomes a wealthy man at the end of the war.  He is just 29 yrs old, and is strong to.  He buys the USS Kentucky, and goes with Jarom around the world.  Kade obtains his wealth by, destroying enemy ships, and taking all of their goods.

Tray is a Navy soldier, who is on the USS Captain, with Captain Jarom.  Tray lives in Canada, but is an American soldier.  He was born in America.  Tray is 5.5 ft tall, and loves how guns work.  He fires the .50 cal turrets on the ship.  He has Blue eyes, and blonde hair.  At the end of the war, he goes with Kade, and Jarom around the world.

Fill is a Navy cook on the USS Kentucky, he is 4.5 ft tall, and has green eyes, and black hair.  Fill is only Canadian, and is going to war with his brother.  His brother dies during the first battle.  Fill lives in Canada, but dies shortly after the war.  Fill is 25 years old.