English lesson 40


“Which is most important in writing dialogue from memory: accuracy, succinctness, or liveliness? Why?”

All three of these things are powerful, but only two of these together are going to make your book/autobiography great.  The two that I will be talking about are accuracy and liveliness. Continue reading


English lesson 35

“Describe Kourdakov’s use of contrasts to strengthen his narrative.”

Sunday afternoon’s activities, or the meetings — public and private — where he got his award, or the leaders of the USSR vs. the leaders of the victims. Do you think these contrasts make his narrative more powerful?

Sergei and his men did go on a picnic at the ocean.

Well they did not want to hit the believers since  they were not attacking Sergei and his group.  They arrested the two men they were set out to get, but did not beat up anyone.  When they got back to base they were yelled at for not doing there job properly.  They were put back into the filed of taking out the true law brakes.  Thous are the brawlers, murders, kidnappers, and other people.


Business lesson 35

“Would I rather start a small business or become a minimum-wage apprentice to a mentor? Why?”

I would rather have a small business than to have a minimum wage.  The small business will get me more money if I invest in it, than if I were to work for someone.  Working for someone would not guarantee that I would have security.  If I own the business, I would have more security than someone who is employed and is required to put in less effort.

An apprentice could one day take over the company, or even become CEO.  They have an advantage that someone in a small company dose not have.  My dad is a small business owner.  He dose multiple different engineering tasks there.  He himself is a mechanical engineer, and he is going to get an, electric engineer to come into the business.

I don’t know anyone who is an apprentice to a big company so I don’t know what they do.

Well my answer to the question is I WOULD RATHER OWN A SMALL BUSINESS.

The minimum wage for Utah is $7.25 per hour, which is not going to get you anywhere in life.  Lets say you work for 10 hours per day, that would be $72.50 per day for 6 days a week.  That is $435 per week.  $1740 per month and $20,880 per year.  The average American makes $52,000 every year.  If you are a business owner you can make over $150,000 per year.  That is more than 7 times the amount that the lowest wage provides and nearly 3 times that the average American makes.

If you have a mentor he would teach you what he knows, but only if you pay him.  When you start your business you should not invest a lot of money into it.  You should wait just to see how it does, and when it is doing well then you invest your money.  But before then, no.

Jobs and companies in American has been declining for sometime now, and we need to form new businesses in order to help people in America.  We need to lower taxes.  We need to elect leaders that will do away with taxes and government debt, and  we need to work towards getting this country out of debt!


Lesson 30 english

“Describe the choices that led him to the failed assignment.”

Well they did not want to hit the believers since  they were not attacking Sergei and his group.  They arrested the two men they were set out to get, but did not beat up anyone.  When they got back to base they were yelled at for not doing there job properly.  They were put back into the filed of taking out the true law brakes.  Thous are the brawlers, murders, kidnappers, and other people.

“What made Kourdakov show mercy to the pastors by not giving the word to “change their faces”? Before the secret police division, Kourdakov had just joined the military, he was in Moscow, and prayed to Lenin’s body.”

Lenin was a god figure to Kourdakov, if you wanted to know.

Lesson 30 Business

“How much money won’t I have at age 70 if I keep watching TV? Is TV worth this?”

If you watched TV for 34 h per week at the coast of $20 per hour, for 50 years, then you would have spent $102,000 on TV.   Now is the money worth spending on TV?

That is a lot of money just n TV.  Think of what you could do with all of that money.  Get a better education, get a better car, go on vacations, pay of your house, and more.  Your could make your life better, get you children into school, and make them work hard.  There are many things to do with $102,000 like investing it to get more out.  TV is expensive.  Usually if you get internet you can get free TV because company’s pay the network providers to keep there adds on, which if you want to know how much it is, I would answer millions of dollars.  You are wondering why would company’s pay millions of dollars for people just to watch TV and get adds for 20 mins start before there favorite show pops up?  Well people would sometimes go and phone the company’s about there products, and sometimes buy the products.

So is paying $102,000 for 50 years of TV worth it?  I would say no, it is not.

Business Lesson 15

Why is running my own business a way to guarantee my employment in 2030?

Well I get to hire who I want to hire.  It is as simple as that.  If I don’t want to hire anyone then all I need is to get a robot to do the work.  When a Job is taken by a robot there is always another job made, like robot maintenance.  Robots don’t have feelings, so if one brakes down then a maintenance guy will come and fix up the robot.  Most robots are only good for one thing, and that is what they are programmed to do.  Baxter is one robot that can do meany things, because you can program the robot to take items off of the convener belt, to fold clothes, and to be a waiter.  He can do more things, but I just listed the common ones.

So running my own business will help me in 2030, and probably other people.  I would at lest make money and keep the economy growing.  There are not that meany business owners in the world.  So being my own business owner.

English lesson 25

What changed?

Sergei change from being a drug dealer to being a communist leader of the Youth group.  But first he and some of his friends entered the criminal life of selling drugs.  He and his friends bought drugs from a place which was ran by monks.  They hid the drugs in the children’s home and sold the drugs to the older kids.  Then when they sold some drugs in a town not to far from the children’s home.  Soon he went and sold drugs in the big city with his friends.  On one of his trips he runs into a guy (not physically) who smells the drugs, and brings Sergei into the ally.  The strangers friend stabs Sergei and they run away with the drugs.

Sergei awakes up in the hospital and then he makes the choose to not becoming a drug dealer.

Why were they turning points?

He was stabled in the back, and that was the turning point.  He had to stay in bed for weeks just to get healed up.  When he was in bed he had nothing to do, but he was king of the home, so he just would have to give the orders.  In bed he just thought which path to take.  One was the life of a criminal, the other was to be a communist leader.  He choose to be a communist.  He did do well in all of his subjects.

How did they take place?

If you rely want to know, then read what was first on this page.

Lesson 25 Business

What am I willing to settle for one year from now?

$35 per hour is what I am willing to settle for the year to come.  $35 may seem a lot of money, but I would go for it.  McDonald has jobs going for $12 per hour.  That sucks okay.  What I would say is get a better job.

What am I willing to settle for on my 18th birthday?

$50 per hour.  That way I would get more money then the average person.  I would also be more experienced in what I do.  So I could do more for less kind of thing.

What am I willing to settle for at age 25?

$100 per hour.  Or even more.  People that work a fast food restraints get about $25 per hour.  And they are probable 25 years old.

English 20 Lehrer

What is the story that I remember the best?

What I remember best in the story was when he got his first bus, called Betsy II.  He has always wanted a bus and to be a bus man.  He got his bus that look from the photo pretty new.  The rust spots looked small the paint look darker, but it was the opposite in the photo.  The paint was fading, the rust was large and more easier to see.  He still bought the bus.  On the way to the barn where he was going to store the bus, he stopped to get gas.  He tried to start the engine but it would not start.  Across the street was a small repair shop for trucks and other big cars.

The owner of the repair shop hocked the bus up to a truck with a chain, and just pulled the bus not even 10 ft.  The bus started up, and Mr Lehrer went to the barn then.  He switch off the bus and then started it up again, and this time it started.

What was it that grabbed me?

Well nothing rely grabbed me.

What did he do that made it grab me?

Well nothing.

Tell you what, the Autobiography was good, but read it yourself to judge if you like it or not.

Lehrer had a heart attack, which if he was not in the hospital before the time he had it, he would have been killed by it.  His wife told him to go to the hospital when he told her about the pain and tightness in his chest.  He did go to the hospital before the morning.  His doctor was not available, so that is way he had to go to the hospital.

To stop him from having more heart attacks he had to have a bypass.I don’t think he has had another heart attack.  He also made some good habits.  Like no smoking anymore.