English Lesson 110

“What was Thomson’s theory of the relationship between sanctions and slavery?”

Thomson was born a slave and hated it.  He was born in the year of 1812.  (If you do not know what this date represents let me tell you.  It is the date when the Canadians/United Kingdom and the Americans were at war.  This war lasted from June 1812 to February 1815.)  Having no freedom is probably what he hated as well.  He hated to be whipped, and told several stories when slaves were whipped till the skin on their back came off.  Most slaves then choose to kill overseers in order to be hanged and not be wiped.  One story in the book is when the owner whipped his slave till you could see his intestines moving inside of him.  Cruel wiping.  The only time the owners kill a slave is if they kill an overseer or someone else.  Slaves were property back during slavery, and could be sold whenever or wherever you wanted.  Be glad that slavery is banned in the USA.  Slaves then usually did not get payed for their work.  Well, they did get payed but not with money, more like with food and shelter and clothes, even though the food they got was not the best quality, and the clothes would be uncomfortable.  The shelter would be log cabins that had gaps in the walls, and everywhere in the caban.  This is the setting for a cruel slave owner.  The other slave owners would have better shelter, with less or no gaps, and they would probably still get the non nutritious food as the cruel owner gave, but they would get more.

Thomson believed that God would impose negative sanctions on the cruel, and unmerciful slave owners.  These are the slave owners that would whipped slaves without cause.  He thought that the entire system would be destroyed, which it did later during the American Civil war.  He told stories of cruel slave owners dying.  One of the cruel owners died three days later from a heart attack, while sitting on a gate, under it was a female slave with her neck under the gate.  If all of the slave owners were kind, and only whipped for doing something that is against the laws.  For instance, if they are walking around not hurting anyone, and you whipped him for nothing, then you would be considered a cruel master.  In the other hand if you don’t whip him or her, then you would be considered a good master.

So in conclusion, slavery was bad…….   Some of the owners were cruel……  And Abraham made a better America in the American Civil War.  Slavery was abolished, and now it is illegal to have slaves in America, but there is still countries that allow slavery.



Lesson 100 english

“Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?”

I have not given a speech in my life.  Never have and I hope never will.  I hate being in front of a class or in front of a assembly.  I start to get nervous, my eyes water up (not crying, just from being nervous), I start to stutter, I skip works in the speech, and I have a mental break down.  I don’t throw tantrums in front to the people, but I just hate it.  I am fine with a small group of people, like ten max.  I can give a speech to them, but more then that, I can not.  Last time I have been I front of a class was like two weeks ago.

Since I have not given a speech, I probably would just write a bunch of stories.  Life stories that happened, like flying the plane, or repelling, or the first time I caught a fish which was last year during the summer.  I will not give you a speech.  If you were hoping for it, then forget about it.  There are plenty of stories I can tell you in my Autobiography.

When I write my Autobiography, I want to be as accurate as possible.  The best way to reconstruct a speech is to look it up, and if it is one you gave, look for the paper or electronic device that it was written on, and if it was destroyed, then try your best to rewrite the speech.  It is improbable for use to remember the speech word for word.  Unless you have a photographic memory.  There are a few people in the world who can repeat a speech word for word.  Since I have not given a speech in my life, I would probably write speeches form more popular people, like Donald Trump.

Since I am not famous why should I give a speech?  There is no reason why I should give a speech, because someone else is doing it.  To tell you another thing, you can try to bribe me with money about giving a speech, and I would not do it at all.  ” Unless, I knew for certain that the whole speech would absolutely shoot at the reader’s heart and hit them to utterly convince them of something essential in life.”

So “Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?”  Not at all, I will not, and since it is improbable that any human on earth without a photographic memory is going to be able to do this, not even in a trillion years.  But you will never be able to get me to give a speech to the public, not even in a million years.

Now I hoped you liked this essay, and please leave a like and a comment below, and I will see you next time.

Business lesson 105

My ad is going to be for one of my youtube channels.  Angry Studioz.  What I am selling you is entertainment, for the low, low price of time.  Actually time is a high price.  What I would also do is for every subscriber’s birthday, I will make a video for them, if they want to.  All they need to do is be a subscriber, and tell me there username so I can make the video.  Each birthday video will be about 15 seconds long, because to render the video takes one minute for one second of video.  They can tell me how they want the scene to be like, but they have to make it themselves and give me a copy.

For instance if they want a rocket, they need to build it before I get the copy.  Then I will put the rocket in mine-imator and there you go, make the scene for the animation.  I will post videos on Saturdays only.  Once every second Saturday.  So this coming Saturday there will be a new video, so go and check it out.

The picture is of the first video I published on my channel.  I Came in Like a Wrecking ball.  So go and watch it.

I have a friend who has a channel called Shoelace Studios, and what he dose is that he takes pictures of lego figures and moves them around.  So he spends months working on each video.

Business lesson 110

“Which of these ads best conforms to Joyner’s standards of an irresistible offer?”

The radio shack ad is the most irresistible offer in the few ads that showed me.

Out of these the RS is the best.  Computers back then costs thousand dollars or more, but a computer that costs about $400 is what I call irresistible.  M&M ad is the second best one, because M&Ms don’t melt in your hands but in your mouth.  Most people probably hate having melted chocolate on there hands, but having that sugar coat on the chocolate is still going to be messy, but no like the regular chocolate.

M&M is still growing, and is one to the largest candy manufacturers in the world.  In the ad they did not give a discount on there product, so that was one thing, another thing is that they proved something, that is there candy does not melt in the hands, but in the mouth.

English Lesson 105

“What would I do in my autobiography that is different from what Darwin did?”

I would not talk about evolution, which if you think of it, is not even possible.  You would not exist if our world was based on evolution.  Another thing is that people like Hitler believed in evolution, and that is why he killed a bunch of Jews.  By the way, evolution still says there is a supreme being, like “A Long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away“.  In my autobiography I would talk about how events changed who I am. Darwin only told us what his greatest achievements were.  Darwin’s autobiography was boring like hell.  It took me five minutes to finish each page, and there was nothing good in his autobiography.

Darwin’s explanation on evolution made the book hard to read, and that is why it to so long to read it. Darwin may have been one of the most important men in history, but I don’t count him as important.  If I was to read his autobiography by my on wishes, I would not have read the entire book, because of how boring it was.  When I write my autobiography, I want to make it not as boring as Darwin’s.  I would not use Darwin’s autobiography as a template for my autobiography.

Darwin left one important thing out of his autobiography, and that is his bailiffs, but nearly everyone would know what he believed in, and that is evolution.  Evolution is the organism to adapt to its environment, but now I will say, if evolution exists, then why is there not a species that can withstand high temp fires that can melt stones?  That is because evolution does not exist.  If it did, we would be able to have thousands of amps and volts go through our bodies and we would be fine, but if we did that, we would die in seconds.

Me and Darwin have one thing in common, and that is shooting guns.  I love to shoot.  In Canada there are so many people there that have not shot a gun once and they want “gun control”, but as soon as they fire a gun, they go from anti-guns, to pro-guns.  Click Here.  What I think it is, is that the sense of power, or the sense of not being helpless grabs you, and you want to do it every day of your life.

“As I said previously, Darwin did a rather poor job describing what was relevant, but more importantly he did not describe why specific things were relevant.  He did make it clear that there were events that shaped his life, and he discussed these, but not in detail, and he did not explain why these events were monumental.  In my future autobiography I hope to make the reader understand what was relevant, and why it was relevant.”- by purplefrog01.

At lest I am not the only one!!

Business Lesson 100

“Would it be moral to grade exams, so that all students get C’s? If not, is it moral for the state to redistribute incomes?”

I will answer NO.  The state has no right to take our money and give it to people who do not work for it, or to help business to not go bankrupt.  Business should be that if you do not give the people what they want, then the company should be shut down, and another person comes and makes what the people want.

Lots of people know the story of Robin Hood.  He takes what is rightfully the poor peoples money from the king and gives it back.  He was not communist at all.  That is what happens when you get big governments.  You become poorer.  All we need is a small governments to protect the people’s rights from other people.  Free market is what the people need, probably what they want, but the government is controlling it, so it is not a free market.

Lesson 100 science

Atoms, are one of the smallest things in the world, they are the building blocks of matter and all things living.  If you where to enlarge an atom that the center/core would be the size of orange or basketball, and the electrons would be the size of a grain of rice.  The atom would be the size of a football stadium.  Most of a atom is dead air space.  There are few ways to split an atom, and one is to put it through a nuclear reaction.  This would split the atoms apart.  That is how a nuclear bomb works.

A pure element is made up of just one kind of atom.  If you have two different atoms in one object, it is not a element.  Helium is a element, water is not.  Water is two hydrogen, and one oxygen.  Another name that is not as familiar is DiHydrogen Monoxide.  On the periodic table there is 118 different elements, some are strange and others not so strange.

If you add vinegar and baking soda they for a reaction that produces carbon dioxide.  The reaction is chemical.  A nuclear reactor creates new atoms by ripping old ones apart, thus creating heat.  Oxygen on iron creates rust or iron oxide which is a reaction, but to speed things up, just add water.

On the element you see a number.  That number is the atomic number.  The letters for example Au= gold.  The letters are in Italian.  Au has the atomic level of 79.  As you have probably noticed there is no steel on the table, and why?  Because steel is not a element, it is man made from Iron carbon allo.

English Lesson 95

In today’s essay I will talk about what my audience for my Autobiography would targeted.

It would be targeted for people who are interested in fun stories that I have been in, like flying a plane when I was 9-11 years old.  I don’t know how old I was, but I know the event well.  The other events would be my camping trips with the YM of my church/religion.  The first time I shot a gun, and the first time I shot a shot-gun.  The first gun I shot was a .22, and the first shot-gun I shot was a 12 gauge shotgun.  Let me tell all of your first timers, hold the shotgun titly against your shoulder.  Do not bend your back to aim at the target, just move the gun tip up or down, without the butt of the gun leaving your shoulder.  Pull the trigger when ready, and the shot won’t hurt you as much

Thanks for reading my essay.

Business Lesson 95

“The lifestyle I want 20 years from now.”

The lifestyle 20 years from now is to be out of debt.  Most people would say they want to live in a nice big house, but they don’t say anything about debt.  So I want to be debt free and still have $10,000 in the bank.  That way I would not need to borrow money from the back to buy something that I need or that I want.

The next thing is that I want to live in a nice house in the middle-class area.  Most people would like to live in the high-middle class.  But for me it doesn’t matter if it is low or high.  It probably would be better if I live in low-middle class, because the houses would be older and more better built the the newer houses.

It would be a great feat if I could get to the high class in twenty years, like having a manion and my own swimming pool.  Have my own plane or private jet to fly to places in the world.  Have my own land and a private airport.  Have some dirt bikes and a razor and drive around my land, and probably have some races there.

You can’t just choose a lifestyle you know, you would have to work for it.  You never know where you would be in twenty years time.