English Lesson 15 Lehrer

“Discuss some of the good things that came as a result of his heart attack.”

Well there was a lot of good that came out of his heart attack, for instant he stopped smoking.  He was a heavy smoker, like most of the people who worked for him.  He also ate from a restaurant every day, like Tex-Mex.  That was a good change because eating to much bad food from fast food or even from restaurants is not good for you, and it is also a reason for heart attacks.

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Business 15

Why is running my own business a way to guarantee my employment in 2030?

Robots well get smarter then they are now.  Running my own business well be great.  Risk.  You need to take risks in order to make money and to help the economy.  Robots are already taking over the factory jobs like building cars, line jobs like putting two things together and passing it do to the next person to do there thing and to the next and the next and so on.  Robots like Baxter are going to take over jobs that are in the reach of his arms.  He can fold clothes, he can pour water, he can take items off of a conveyor belt.

Robots will go after programming jobs, truck driving jobs, taxi jobs, bus jobs, and to also drive you around the city.  Ever since robots started to make cans they have made them cheaper and better.  Robots don’t make mistakes that people do.

When a robot takes over a job, and new job is made every single time.  So don’t complain.  But if you don’t want to be the person unemployed make your own company.  There is many great things you can do if you have your own company, like hiring and firing people.  You can get payed for doing little work.  You get other people to do the work for you.

Robots will not take over the world yet, but later on they might.  There are a lot of jobs out there that robots can not do.

English lesson 10

“What are three stories in my life that I would have to include in my autobiography?”

Well have I told you I was lost at STAPLES once?  No, then now I am going to tell you.  On a day that was not sunny at all.  Saturday.  Who likes Saturday?  I do, but not we I have to go shopping.  My parents were looking at something that they were probably going to get.  I was looking in the other direction when they left me behind.  I panicked and went to the front of the store and waited there.  About 5 min later my parents found me.

Back on a beautiful day in Canada, the young men group and I was with, the entire stake went on a 10 mile hike in the mountains.  During the hike you have to cross the same river 6 times in each direction.  They said in a note that you could bring shoes that you were not going to use at the camp site for the hike through the mountains.  I had the shoes ready for the trip at home.  But when we left I forgot to bring the shoes with, so they stayed at home.  During the river crossings I had to go bare feet.  The water was cool and clear.  The rocks at the bottom on the river was slimy with some water plants.  The river was fast flowing in the more rocky shallow places, but calmer in the deeper places.  The hike was to a lake in the middle of nowhere.  The lake itself was gross, with slimy mud near the shore of the lake.  The further out you went you might of thought it would go deeper, but it did not.  It was the same everywhere in the lake.  We then packed up and hiked all the way back which seemed to be shorter than hiking to the lake.  Near the end of the hike I was one of the first in the parking lot.  The next thing for the day was to decapitate a chicken, de-skin it, and de-gut it.  I had to hold the chicken when it’s head was chopped off.  There was this one group that cut the chickens head off that took them three tries with the hatchet.  The first hit was to the neck which did not cut the head of completely.  The next hit was to the face of the chicken, putting a huge gash in the face.  The last swing hit the neck of the chicken but still did not cut the head off completely and then they just pulled the head off from the chicken.  The chicken tasted great though.

My first time shooting a shotgun was on that camp in 2016.  My other group mates who had shot shotguns in the past, thought that the shotgun would dislocate my shoulder.  But my shoulder was only a bit hurt but it did not dislocate it.  Out of my entire group, I was the only one that hit all 3 targets/clay pigeons that where there.

Lesson 10 Business.

“How Does Harry Brown’s Approach to Selling Rely on the Principle of Service?”

Harry Brown in his book on The Secret of Selling Anything tells us to talk about people’s problems and to try and fix it for money.  Sounds easy right.  That is what he said.  He said it is easy to sell anything that the person wants, but it is not easy to sell anything that the person dose not want.  You do not have to be aggressive, you do not have to be a smooth talker and you don’t have to be an extrovert.

Harry said by doing these things you would be good at selling your help to people.  They would want you to help them more and more.  That is by doing the boring stuff like research which people do not like at all.  I hate research my self, so there is no one to blame.  If you like research then this is the perfect job for you.

So whatever you do to be a great salesman, or woman, you need to not be aggressive nor a smooth talker and neither an extrovert and there is one more thing called lying.  Do not lie to the person you are helping at all.  If you do and sell him something that you lied to get him or her to buy and it dose not do that thing he wants, you will not meet on good terms again. So do the things here to be a great salesman.