English Lesson 110

“What was Thomson’s theory of the relationship between sanctions and slavery?”

Thomson was born a slave and hated it.  He was born in the year of 1812.  (If you do not know what this date represents let me tell you.  It is the date when the Canadians/United Kingdom and the Americans were at war.  This war lasted from June 1812 to February 1815.)  Having no freedom is probably what he hated as well.  He hated to be whipped, and told several stories when slaves were whipped till the skin on their back came off.  Most slaves then choose to kill overseers in order to be hanged and not be wiped.  One story in the book is when the owner whipped his slave till you could see his intestines moving inside of him.  Cruel wiping.  The only time the owners kill a slave is if they kill an overseer or someone else.  Slaves were property back during slavery, and could be sold whenever or wherever you wanted.  Be glad that slavery is banned in the USA.  Slaves then usually did not get payed for their work.  Well, they did get payed but not with money, more like with food and shelter and clothes, even though the food they got was not the best quality, and the clothes would be uncomfortable.  The shelter would be log cabins that had gaps in the walls, and everywhere in the caban.  This is the setting for a cruel slave owner.  The other slave owners would have better shelter, with less or no gaps, and they would probably still get the non nutritious food as the cruel owner gave, but they would get more.

Thomson believed that God would impose negative sanctions on the cruel, and unmerciful slave owners.  These are the slave owners that would whipped slaves without cause.  He thought that the entire system would be destroyed, which it did later during the American Civil war.  He told stories of cruel slave owners dying.  One of the cruel owners died three days later from a heart attack, while sitting on a gate, under it was a female slave with her neck under the gate.  If all of the slave owners were kind, and only whipped for doing something that is against the laws.  For instance, if they are walking around not hurting anyone, and you whipped him for nothing, then you would be considered a cruel master.  In the other hand if you don’t whip him or her, then you would be considered a good master.

So in conclusion, slavery was bad…….   Some of the owners were cruel……  And Abraham made a better America in the American Civil War.  Slavery was abolished, and now it is illegal to have slaves in America, but there is still countries that allow slavery.



The Korean war

The Korean war started in 1949, after WWII.  First in WWII, Japan controlled Korea, but when the Japanese lost the war, the USSR and the USA took different sides of Korea which would affect the country for years.  The USSR was a communist country, so the USSR took over the North side of the country and the USA took over the South side of the country, splitting the country in half at the 38th parallel line.  Both countries were hoping to unite Korea under one government, but the country split in half, with a democratic government in the South and a Communist government in the North, or more like a dictatorship in the North.

The two countries were split in 1945-1946.  North Korea invaded South Korea, nearly pushing the South Koreans off their land in three months.  That is when the Americans got involved in the war.  An officer named Douglas MacArthur invaded Korea at the 38th parallel, and took back the South Koreans land, and nearly pushed North Korea out of there land in three months.  Click here to see the difference ->.  |^|.

Then the Chinese invaded, supporting the communist side, pushed the Americans and the South Koreans back to the 38th parallel.  At this time no land was gained or lost.  Most of the battles where in the air with a new kind of plane.  The plane was called a Jet, invented by a german.  The two jets in the war where the American F-86 sabre, and the USSR jet was called MiG-15.  These jets were in air battles called dogfights.  Most of the fighting was from the dogfights.

After 3 years, 1 month, and 2 days, they called a ceasefire, but there was no treaty.  Now as you look at a map at night on Korea, the first thing you will see is that North Korea is dark and South Korea is all lit up. Korea at night, from NASA.

Thanks for reading this essay, and I will see you next time.