Business lesson 165

“My 9-month plan to get a part-time job at no less than $20/hour to help a businessman improve his marketing.”

First I am going to get my (2nd) web site up and going.  This will be may part time job that I hope will become successful.  I will use Google AdWords to get the site out, and I Will be using affiliate links to help bring in money, to continue running the Ads.  I have a Youtube Channel that is based on this new site.  Angry Studioz.  I am not the best at animating, but I hope to get better in the future.

I will also run ads on my channel to help bring in money as well, but that is when I reach 100 subscribers.  It probably won’t make me $20/hr, but it should make me some money at first.  At the end of 9 months, I will then go on to the local companies, that will need my help and experience in AdWords, and I will help them to make a profit, and a new website.  I will still be doing the part time job through this all, and if by any point I start making more money than the full time job, then I will make the full time job a part time job, and the part time job a full time job.

Then I will make a small company that will make websites and Ads for companies that will listen to us, and then grow the business from there on.  My goal is to start now, that way I will make money to go to flight school, and learn how to fly a plane, and so I can get my own plane when I have the money, and then grow my business to statewide, and then to nation wide.  By then I would be pretty old, or WWIII would have come and gone, with no one to help with there products.  By the way, if there is ever a nuke dropped in your city, and all you can see is white all around you, drop to the floor, get behind cover, and stay away from windows, and you have a high chance to survive the blast.(If Russia or China sent nukes to the US, it would be to target the army bases.  So if you live just a stone throw away, you might/will not survive the heat from the atoms splitting.)

I could have sold you this info for 50¢, and it will help you.  But you get it for free.

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