Business Lesson 125

The Ron Paul Curriculum is an online course that you get to learn the art of business, and science.  The curriculum is not common core, 98% of the course is self-taught from grade 3 and up.  The Curriculum is manly videos to learn, and then you get a 30 minute project/thing to do, like today I have to write a 500 word essay.

All of the courses come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Reason #2: Students begin writing weekly essays in the fourth grade. They do this for nine years. They master the unique lifetime skill of effective writing. (For an example of a fourth grader’s essays, click here.)

Reason #3: It is self-taught, grades 3-12: math, biology, physics, chemistry — everything. (Read a testimonial.)

Reason #4: Students help each other on the courses’ forums.

Reason #5: Daily video lessons — exclusive to the RPC (not on YouTube). Here’s why your child needs a video-centric curriculum.

Reason #6: There are no textbooks to buy — even in math and science courses.

Reason #7: Students read original sources in history and government courses.

Reason #8: There is a weekly review lesson in every course for much higher memory retention rates.

Reason #9: In most of the high school courses, college professors or Ph.D’s teach.

Reason #10: There are three high school tracks: humanities, math/natural science, and business.

Reason #11: The high school has two years of Western civilization — unique. (Most have only one year.)

Reason #12: The high school has two years of Western literature — unique. (They parallel the Western Civ courses for better understanding of both history and literature.).

Reason #13: The American history course and the American literature course are also parallel for better understanding of both — unique.

Reason #14: The high school has two year-long courses on starting a home business.

Reason #15: The high school has a full-year course on public speaking.

Reason #16: The high school has a year’s course on personal finances for teens.

Reason #17: The curriculum is academically rigorous.

Reason #18: There is no “busy work.”

Reason #19: The curriculum teaches critical thinking.

Reason #20: There is a weekly essay in each non-math course. See this example.

Reason #21: The curriculum teaches the use of powerful digital communications tools.

Reason #22: The curriculum costs about $1.37 a day — less per child, if you sign up more than one child.

Reason #23: You pay less per student than a parent-intensive curriculum costs.

Reason #24: There is an affiliate program: you get half the enrollment fee for signing up friends . . . for as long as they re-enroll each year.

Reason #25: 40 free trial lessons: reading and arithmetic. See for yourself how video instruction works.

Reason #26: Everything comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.



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