English Lesson 135

“Was Thoreau dependent on the division of labor while he was living on Walden Pond?”

Thoreau was an independent man on the division of labour.  He lived alone in a shack by the Walden Pond.  Thoreau hired people to plow his land, and he planted his crops.  He did go to town to get food and all, so he could live.  But he said that he could live without going to town or into civilization.  But he did not prove it.  He only earned $8.71 annually when he sold his vegetables and crops he had, when he could have went to someone’s farm and worked there and earned about $100.

Thoreau thought that the telegraph was useless, but he was wrong. The telegraph was one of the most important inventions in the world at the time.  It helped people know what was happening all over the country.  But Thoreau thought that it was useless and why would the people on the opposite sides of the country would want to talk to each other at light speed?  Did he ever think that it could be used to contact family on the other side of the country?  What ever he was thinking, he is totally wrong about the telegraph.

“Thoreau was not dependent on his division of labor. Why? Well, his income came supposedly from his bean field. However, if you look at the math of how much money the field actually produced, you would see that there was no profit. Instead, it barely paid for itself. If I can recall correctly, the small bean field produced about eight dollars per year. Thoreau could not manage his finances. In fact, he relied mainly off of his mother. So in conclusion Henry David Thoreau was not dependent on his work, if he was able to get by on a bean field that did not profit.” –lanigirl2000

I am not the only one who agrees, and it is not just us, but a lot more.

He said that trains killed more people then they helped, but that was false.  Yes, trains did kill people who are not careful, but they could transport people and tools, and food, and cargo to places that needed them at speeds that surpassed 100 km/h.  There were no planes back in that day, and the other option besides a train was to walk, or ride a horse, or ride in a wagon pulled by an ox.  He said that he would rather ride an ox and wagon to heaven, than ride in a train car that is on its way to heaven, breathing malaria.  Well if I had to choose, I would go for the train car, because malaria comes from mosquitoes, and you don’t get it from breathing it in.

Thoreau would be breathing in the malaria for longer if it were an airborne disease, and he would have died before he got to the place he was headed for.

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