Business Lesson 150

“Procrastination kills.”

Procrastination is not good for business.  It destroys business.  For people who do not know what Procrastination means, just click on the word that is highlighted.  Procrastination destroys business and companies, so it is best just to do the job or get someone to do it immediately.

Procrastination reduces sales, and drives away the customer.  The customer is the supplier of cash in the business, and you are trying to sell a product and if you hesitate, the customer might go to the next company.  So don’t hesitate.

“Procrastination kills.”

Everyone has the tendency to procrastinate, some more than others (such as myself), but it’s only a habit that you can choose to change.  –Mitt Skolearbeid–

Most people think they don’t Procrastinate, but the true answer is that everyone Procrastinates.  There are people out there that want to start a business but they haven’t started to create the business.

“Procrastination kills.”

Procrastination ruins and kills creativity.

“Procrastination kills.”

Procrastination is why most people struggle financially, because they just forget about there debt. or they just don’t what to pay it off.

Whether you realize it or not, procrastination is a big reason why you are struggling financially in life. It damages your credibility with employers and fellow colleagues at work. It also affects the quality of your work and this affects the business you or your employer receive from customers, clients, and business relationships. —HERE

The good news is that anyone can overcome procrastination — and it’s simpler than you may think. He also notes that the voice of procrastination screams just as loud and clear in the minds of those who excel in life as it does in the minds of those who do not.  —HERE

“Procrastination kills.”

Nearly everyone is susceptible to procrastination — but fighting against it can make all the difference. Otherwise, procrastination will kill success. —HERE

“Procrastination kills.”


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