English Lesson 140

“Would Walden have been a better book if Thoreau had supplied more background information on his life?”

Waldens book is more on science then talking about his past, like Mark Twain.  Waldens book should not be called an autobiography because he talks more on his worldly goods and not on his life when young.  I would consider this book if it was more on his childhood, but since it is not I would call the book a fail.  If I didn’t have to read the book, I would not, but since it is part of the curriculum, I have to read it.  His background info would make this autobiography better and easier to read.

“This time, however slim the chance may be, I have been kindly asked my opinion (cough not cough) on if Thoreau had put some background to his life would his autobiography be better? like hmm I don’t know maybe his childhood story? Now I don’t know about my very few readers but I would be very curious to know if Thoreau’s background has any bearing on his crazy ideas if they have a source besides himself. In this boring essay that only people that don’t have anything else to do and are scrolling listlessly on this essay in which case I would strongly advise finding something else to do and because if anything it will make you even (however impossible it may seem) more bored than you already are. I have but one point: and it is how a background story would help Thoreau’s narrative.” nainarelcm

“I think Thoreau’s autobiography would have been better if he had provided more background information. I  have had a hard time understanding all of his stories and views because he completely left out his early life and childhood.”  18joshuaspringfield

Waldens book should not be called an autobiography:

“Walden was not really an autobiography. It would have been better if it had provided more background information about his past and life. He left out his early life and childhood. He had only described his adult life and crazy opinions. “ JORDANMELISSA9

No Wonder he could live on $40 a month, because he lived with his mother:

“He gave some information such as he was a school teacher, never liked commerce, worked six weeks out of the year, and he also he lived with his mother. “ JORDANMELISSA9

He lived 26 months in a shack by the lake:

“Henry Thoreau spent 26 months of his life living in a shack, next to a pond, doing just about nothing, a mile and a half from Concord. Afterward, he wrote a book about it. I don’t have to make a stretch to say that it was a quite disappointing. Thoreau is revered in my day as intelligent, keen, wise, and even as a good writer, but I see none of these attributes in his book, ‘Walden’.” Life, School, and Other Things


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