English lesson 115

“Did Thompson provide persuasive evidence that South’s slave system was morally evil?”

Well yes he did.  In one chapter he would talk on how nice and good his master or mistress were, and in the next he would talk about another slave owner that would be cruel to all of his slaves.  In one of the chapters he was whipped for no fault of his own, and then he went home to his mistress, and told her the story, and then her brother went to the sheriff’s office and whipped the person who whipped Thompson.

If you searched John Thompson there is practically nothing about him, except of the writings in his book.  He was not as popular as  Washington.  Washington was also a slave, but he was born during the end of slavery, and he did not spend much time as a slave.  But what made him popular in America was when he started a school for blacks.  It started for blacks, but ended up being for whites and blacks in the end.

In his stories that he wrote down a lot of the slaves were cruel people, that whipped their slaves for no reason.  One of his masters would whipped his slaves once he came back from trips around the country.  He would assemble them to the main house and then whip them.  He would say that a little flogging is to keep the slaves from disobeying.  Not in those words but that is the main idea of that master.

Thompson was like a slave named Ben, who did not like floggings, but always worked well, and was rewarded by not getting flogged.  Let me tell you about Ben.  Ben was one of the best slaves that one of slave owners owned.  He was hardworking and for what he did, he did not get flogged.  One day the overseer whipped Ben for not riding the wagon fast enough, and Ben beated the overseer for what he did.  The owner then took Ben and whipped him, till you could see his guts moving inside of him.  Ben then said that he would kill the next person who whips him, and then he would be sent off to the gallows at once.

Thompson was just like Ben, he worked hard and did not get whipped when he did, but he also nearly killed a overseer and then got whipped for it.  The overseer left the plantation, and never came back.  Now I am wondering if the overseer was also the one who whipped Ben?  Because then he got wrecked by two slaves he whipped for no reason.

So, did Thompson provide persuasive evidence that South’s slave system was morally evil?  It is quite obvious that the answer is yes, and just to tell you he did like the good slave owners, and disliked the cruel ones.

“What I think was that he knew the slave system was wrong, but he still preferred some owners to others.”

“Kind of like public school. The system is wrong, but sometimes the teachers can be good.”


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