Lesson 100 english

“Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?”

I have not given a speech in my life.  Never have and I hope never will.  I hate being in front of a class or in front of a assembly.  I start to get nervous, my eyes water up (not crying, just from being nervous), I start to stutter, I skip works in the speech, and I have a mental break down.  I don’t throw tantrums in front to the people, but I just hate it.  I am fine with a small group of people, like ten max.  I can give a speech to them, but more then that, I can not.  Last time I have been I front of a class was like two weeks ago.

Since I have not given a speech, I probably would just write a bunch of stories.  Life stories that happened, like flying the plane, or repelling, or the first time I caught a fish which was last year during the summer.  I will not give you a speech.  If you were hoping for it, then forget about it.  There are plenty of stories I can tell you in my Autobiography.

When I write my Autobiography, I want to be as accurate as possible.  The best way to reconstruct a speech is to look it up, and if it is one you gave, look for the paper or electronic device that it was written on, and if it was destroyed, then try your best to rewrite the speech.  It is improbable for use to remember the speech word for word.  Unless you have a photographic memory.  There are a few people in the world who can repeat a speech word for word.  Since I have not given a speech in my life, I would probably write speeches form more popular people, like Donald Trump.

Since I am not famous why should I give a speech?  There is no reason why I should give a speech, because someone else is doing it.  To tell you another thing, you can try to bribe me with money about giving a speech, and I would not do it at all.  ” Unless, I knew for certain that the whole speech would absolutely shoot at the reader’s heart and hit them to utterly convince them of something essential in life.”

So “Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography?”  Not at all, I will not, and since it is improbable that any human on earth without a photographic memory is going to be able to do this, not even in a trillion years.  But you will never be able to get me to give a speech to the public, not even in a million years.

Now I hoped you liked this essay, and please leave a like and a comment below, and I will see you next time.


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