Business lesson 105

My ad is going to be for one of my youtube channels.  Angry Studioz.  What I am selling you is entertainment, for the low, low price of time.  Actually time is a high price.  What I would also do is for every subscriber’s birthday, I will make a video for them, if they want to.  All they need to do is be a subscriber, and tell me there username so I can make the video.  Each birthday video will be about 15 seconds long, because to render the video takes one minute for one second of video.  They can tell me how they want the scene to be like, but they have to make it themselves and give me a copy.

For instance if they want a rocket, they need to build it before I get the copy.  Then I will put the rocket in mine-imator and there you go, make the scene for the animation.  I will post videos on Saturdays only.  Once every second Saturday.  So this coming Saturday there will be a new video, so go and check it out.

The picture is of the first video I published on my channel.  I Came in Like a Wrecking ball.  So go and watch it.

I have a friend who has a channel called Shoelace Studios, and what he dose is that he takes pictures of lego figures and moves them around.  So he spends months working on each video.


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