Business lesson 110

“Which of these ads best conforms to Joyner’s standards of an irresistible offer?”

The radio shack ad is the most irresistible offer in the few ads that showed me.

Out of these the RS is the best.  Computers back then costs thousand dollars or more, but a computer that costs about $400 is what I call irresistible.  M&M ad is the second best one, because M&Ms don’t melt in your hands but in your mouth.  Most people probably hate having melted chocolate on there hands, but having that sugar coat on the chocolate is still going to be messy, but no like the regular chocolate.

M&M is still growing, and is one to the largest candy manufacturers in the world.  In the ad they did not give a discount on there product, so that was one thing, another thing is that they proved something, that is there candy does not melt in the hands, but in the mouth.


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