English Lesson 105

“What would I do in my autobiography that is different from what Darwin did?”

I would not talk about evolution, which if you think of it, is not even possible.  You would not exist if our world was based on evolution.  Another thing is that people like Hitler believed in evolution, and that is why he killed a bunch of Jews.  By the way, evolution still says there is a supreme being, like “A Long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away“.  In my autobiography I would talk about how events changed who I am. Darwin only told us what his greatest achievements were.  Darwin’s autobiography was boring like hell.  It took me five minutes to finish each page, and there was nothing good in his autobiography.

Darwin’s explanation on evolution made the book hard to read, and that is why it to so long to read it. Darwin may have been one of the most important men in history, but I don’t count him as important.  If I was to read his autobiography by my on wishes, I would not have read the entire book, because of how boring it was.  When I write my autobiography, I want to make it not as boring as Darwin’s.  I would not use Darwin’s autobiography as a template for my autobiography.

Darwin left one important thing out of his autobiography, and that is his bailiffs, but nearly everyone would know what he believed in, and that is evolution.  Evolution is the organism to adapt to its environment, but now I will say, if evolution exists, then why is there not a species that can withstand high temp fires that can melt stones?  That is because evolution does not exist.  If it did, we would be able to have thousands of amps and volts go through our bodies and we would be fine, but if we did that, we would die in seconds.

Me and Darwin have one thing in common, and that is shooting guns.  I love to shoot.  In Canada there are so many people there that have not shot a gun once and they want “gun control”, but as soon as they fire a gun, they go from anti-guns, to pro-guns.  Click Here.  What I think it is, is that the sense of power, or the sense of not being helpless grabs you, and you want to do it every day of your life.

“As I said previously, Darwin did a rather poor job describing what was relevant, but more importantly he did not describe why specific things were relevant.  He did make it clear that there were events that shaped his life, and he discussed these, but not in detail, and he did not explain why these events were monumental.  In my future autobiography I hope to make the reader understand what was relevant, and why it was relevant.”- by purplefrog01.

At lest I am not the only one!!


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