Business Lesson 95

“The lifestyle I want 20 years from now.”

The lifestyle 20 years from now is to be out of debt.  Most people would say they want to live in a nice big house, but they don’t say anything about debt.  So I want to be debt free and still have $10,000 in the bank.  That way I would not need to borrow money from the back to buy something that I need or that I want.

The next thing is that I want to live in a nice house in the middle-class area.  Most people would like to live in the high-middle class.  But for me it doesn’t matter if it is low or high.  It probably would be better if I live in low-middle class, because the houses would be older and more better built the the newer houses.

It would be a great feat if I could get to the high class in twenty years, like having a manion and my own swimming pool.  Have my own plane or private jet to fly to places in the world.  Have my own land and a private airport.  Have some dirt bikes and a razor and drive around my land, and probably have some races there.

You can’t just choose a lifestyle you know, you would have to work for it.  You never know where you would be in twenty years time.


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