English Lesson 90

“What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography?”

Practically nothing.  The only thing that a autobiography would do is help you remember the stories of your life.  To tell your children what you have done, to tell your grandchildren what you have do and so on.  There is no real value in a Autobiography, except for family members and fans how read your writings.  Mark Twain was known nationwide for his writings, so writing an Autobiography for his fans and readers, children and grandchildren was what he did before he died in April 21st, 1910 after Halley’s comet was its closest to earth.

Autobiographies will be priceless for loved ones to read, friends, family, and acquaintances.  Grandchildren or even great grandchildren that did not see or get to know you when you were alive, and traveling places that they may soon travel to.  You could become a hero to them, for the stories you wrote.  There may be some hard times that you went through, that they are going through know, and you may provide a way out before they can’t take anymore.

But some of your family members may not even care for you, or your autobiography, and may call you a villain for what you have done.  Mark Twain wrote lots of stories that he did not explain to the audience.  People can learn from your mistakes and not do them.  They can learn from your triumphs, they can learn from what every you put in your autobiography.

Autobiographies allow you to put your thoughts on paper, and how you would have done something differently than you did it before.  I probably will never be as good as a writer as Mark Twain was.  His books are well known, and my site only has 33 followers.  I only started four years ago, I know, but Mark Twain probably became famous in just four years.  Never say Never.

Never say you are bad at something, just say you are good, to yourself, and you will succeed in life.

So I am good at writing!!!!  Don’t judge me.

Don’t judge people, or you will get nowhere in life.

I might get quoted for what I write now in this essay, my children, or my children’s children may quote from me, or from this post, which is another great thing about autobiographies.


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