Business Lesson 85

“My plan to implement one chapter in my life.”

In every thing I like to win.  Just yesterday Tuesday 17, 2017 at a fun place to be where there is laser tag, bowling, pool/snooker/billiards, and other fun things.  There was a challenge in the beginning where we had to try and get as many balls in on the brack.  The winner got a large bar of Hershey’s chocolate.  I did not win.  But the two games we played, me and my team mate won both of them.  First round was close, we nearly did not win.  We still had striped balls on the table, and the other team did not.  They were going after the 8 ball, and that was when my team got the last strip in and also got the 8 ball in.  The second round we won by getting all of our balls in and the 8 ball.  The other team had two more balls to get in when we won.

I do not like to lose at all.

Who would like to lose?

Nobody likes to lose.  Everyone wants to win at something and not be called a loser every time they go somewhere.  Here is something you can do to win, get ahead of the other person.  Me and my sister where on this flight simulator called GEFS.  It is free and you can try it out.  Just click Fly on the top right.  We started at Logan Boston airport, and flew to long island, at the airport close to the ocean.  We were both flying 747’s, and she took off first, but I landed first on long island.


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