English Lesson 80

“Why do you think Plunkitt was so open about how he made his money?”

The people probably thought that he was doing dishonest graft instead of honest graft.  He told the people how he got his money by buying up useless land that no one wanted, and then selling the land for a fortune to companies that wanted the land for an office building.  Plunkitt would buy up land all over the city, land that was worth practically nothing to the people of New York, but to him he just bought land that was going to make him more money then he spent on it.  Companies would buy the land he had to build their office buildings, and with that money he help everyone in his district.

Another reason would be that some people were unsure about their money and how to get rich quick, and that is probably why he told how he did it.  He gave people advice that they probably needed to hear.  If you have read the book then you know about how rich Plunkitt was.  The way he helped people in his district and how he served them.

If you do not know who Plunkitt was, then I will just say he was a millionaire.  A million dollars back then was $14,084,970 today.  So having millions of dollars he could do anything he wanted.  The thing he like the most doing was politics.  He would rush to people in need.  The people he helped would tell their family and their friends what a great guy Plunkitt is, and that way he got his votes.

When Plunkitt  was in politics, he always went for the poor families.  He barely went for the rich families, and the reason why is that there are more poor people than rich people.  So if he helped the poor population, then the poor population will help him back by voting for him.

Plunkitt was born in Manhattan, New York City, United States of America on, November 17th, 1842 and started to serve his people on January 1st, 1869.  He served the 17th district twice and the 11th district twice, before he stopped his political career.  He died on November 19th, 1924 at the age of 82.


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