English Lesson 75

“How serious was Plunkitt about patriotisms connection to obtaining a job after Tammany won an election?”

Very sireise.  People found out that if Tammany won the election, then Plunkitt would help find more jobs for them.  Plunkitt was one of those guys who would always be there for you.  If your house burned to the ground, Plunkitt would be the first person there to help you get into a rental house.  He friended the friendless, he helped the poor, he was the one guy who helped every one that needed the help.  He gave jobs to the people who needed them, and also looked like the person for the job.

Plunkitt would buy up land all over the city, land that was worth practically nothing to the people of New York, but to him he just bought land that was going to make him more money then he spent on it.  Companies would buy the land he had to build their office buildings, and with that money he help everyone in his district.

When Plunkitt  was in politics, he always went for the poor families.  He barely went for the rich families, and the reason why is that there are more poor people than rich people.  So if he helped the poor population, then the poor population will help him back by voting for him.

Plunkitt was born in Manhattan, New York City, United States of America on, November 17th, 1842 and started to serve his people on January 1st, 1869.  He served the 17th district twice and the 11th district twice, before he stopped his political career.  He died on November 19th, 1924 at the age of 82.

Plunkitt said, “I seen my opportunities and I took ’em.”

Plunkitt was a honest grafter.  He always did honest graft, he never did dishonest graft.  He hated Civil Service.


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