Business lesson 70

“What would it take for Dr. North to persuade me to use Spreader for 10 minutes a day?”

It all defends if he can convince me to uses spreader in the first place.  It is hard to convince me in the first place.  If you were trying to convince me to do spreader, you would fail in the first two minutes.  Most words in history.  Try and read all of these words as fast as you can, but time yourself and write it in the comments down below.  The chance that people are going to do what I just asked, are small.  By the way you need to have open office to use the document.

If Dr.North and I were having a face to face conversation about spreader, and he was trying to convince me to use it, he would fail, unless he gave me a tablet or a smartphone.  Then I would do the spreader, otherwise I would not.

There are few ways to get me to use spreader, and the first two are in the paragraph above.  The next is to pay me to use it.  This is the last one.  If it is something I don’t want to do then I will not do it.

I can be competitive, but I only read for fun.  If I were to research something, I would look up a video on the topic.  Welcome to 2016, nearly 2017.


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