Lesson 60 english

“What are some memorable images from the narrative? Why are they memorable?”

So far the most memorable thing in the book was how the blacks did Christmas.  The children would wake up at 2:00 am and go knocking on doors in the neighborhood and ask for christmas gifts.  This was the same as halloween to them.  The blacks to a week off, starting a day before christmas and ending it on new year.  The blacks were expected to get drunk.  On the plantations this was the only time for celebration.  The children did not get gifts from their parents or even “santa”.  After three hours of going from door to door, the children would go back to their homes or go to the fields to play.

The adults would then get the whisky and start to drink.  For an entire week this went on, except for the knocking on doors.  The adults would go to a cabin and start to get drunk, and the people started to dance.  At these dances there was often shootings and cutting with razors, and knives.

Most of the day they when they were in town, they would often stay there for the entire day.  What they had to buy could have been gotten by one person in about 10 mins.  During the blacks holiday, they would also go into town and try out their guns and blackpowder.  There was no law for the blacks, except for they were not allowed to bother the white people.  If they did they would be arrested by the sheriff or eny law enforcer in town.

Booker thought there people who came and studied at the school how to work.  He had purchased a large plot of land and every day would go and cut down trees to plant a crop to help pay off the debt.  The people who studied at the school also help to clear and plant a crop.  In just five months they payed off all of the debt for the land, and they received over one hundred acres of land.

The big house was burnt down when they bought the land, so they made the barn, then hen house, and any other building on the property into a school.  They started to design a proper school building that was an estimated $5,000.  Year by year they built up the school building until it was completed.

There were these two woman who donated $400 to pay for the debt they owed someone.  Miss. Davison would go around the cities in the north and ask for money to help build up the school in Tuskegee.  Some of the days when she went home from walking for hours, she would just collapse on the bed from exhaustion.

The school has 5,200 acres of land to this day, and has had nine presidents.  The school has 3,118 students in 2012.


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