English lesson 55

“What were Washington’s arguments against the slave system?”

Slaves did not have any education at all when they worked for their masters at the plantations.  Even if they did get educated it was not that much at all.  Slaves were often beat for doing something wrong, but when slavery ended in the 1870’s, blacks then moved to cheap parts of towns, and cities, and villages.

Booker went and lived in West Virginia with his father.  He work in the salt furnaces to help support his family.  His brother also worked in the salt furnace, and so did his father.  The crates/kegs that his father was assigned to was #18.  He then asked his mother to get him a book.  She got him one that was for kids in elementary school.  It taught the alphabet and numbers.  He did not know any black that could read, and he was to timid to ask the american people how to read.

His father then put Booker into the coal mine to mine for coal for the salt furnaces to operate.  When he was in the coal mines one day, he overheard two people talking about a school for black people to go and get an education.  The school’s name is HAMPTON UNIVERSITY.

Most schools back then did not allow blacks to learn at all.

Booker T Washington was born in Hale’s ford, Virginia April 5, 1856.  He did not know his father when he was on the plantation, he had a sister and a brother and his mother.  As a boy on the plantation all he had to do was run water out to the men in the field, and to ride the corn to the mill.  There is probably more than this but that was some of his jobs.  He did not like to take the corn to the mill which was about 3 miles away.

Usually on the way to the mill the corn would fall off the horse.  Because of his age and size he could not pick up the bags himself.  He would often wait for someone to pass by, and ask them to do it.  Well he waited he would cry.  When he got to the mill and back to the plantation, it was well into the night.

His mother was a cook.  Not just for their small family, but for the entire plantation.  So she would often arrive home late at night.  One time she actually got a chicken and cooked it for her children to eat.

Most of the time the blacks would hear about how the war was going on before the white people did.  After the war, they went to west virginia.

Booker graduated from Hampton, and help both of his brothers to get through school.  The three of them then went and found work.  That is as far as I have read in the book so far.


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