Lesson 50 english

“Has any piece of literature affected you in a major way? If so, explain how. If not, explain why not.”

No.  I don’t read much at all.  The only time I do really read is in the summer and the school literature.  I have read all of the fablehaven books and two of the Farworld books.  Fablehaven was a good series, my favorite character is still Seth.  Seth always gets himself and others into trouble, but he is still the hero on the 5th book.

I have only read books 1 and 2 of Farworld.  It is a pretty good series with Marcuse is like Kyja, always getting into trouble, but finding a way out.  These are the only two series that has made me read

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Fablehaven I started last summer, and finished before school started in America.  In the first book, Seth gets turned into a deformed walrus  for trapping a in a glass jar and leaving it inside the house for the entire night.  They took him to the witch named Muriel Taggert who was tied down by a rope that you could not cut.  There were two knots on the rope.  There was more before.  They used one to turn Seth back into a human, and there was one knot left.  The last knot was used to turn their grandma back to human form.  Muriel then went to Bahamut and started to take knot after knot off of the rope.  The Fairies then took Bahamut and placed him in a hug hill.

Fablehaven book two was on the frog demon named Olloch the Glutton.  Olloch is a frog statue that if you feed it and it bites you, then you need to run for your life.  In Fact it will follow you until it eats you.

The third book is on the shadow plague.  The Plague starts with going to these little guys that are smaller than brownes, but can make buildings like no one could.  They mine for there own resources.

In the fourth book of Fablehaven, Seth is told that he is a shadow charmer.  A shadow charmer has many abilities, like going invisible when they are in the dark.

“Seth is immune to magical manipulation of emotion, from magical fear to the guilt of stealing a unicorn horn.”

He can see dark elements that are invisible to others, like wreaths.  Seth can hear the minds of the undead creatures.  If Seth and Kendra hold hands, they become a dragon tamer.  Seth might be able to plunge a room into darkness, release dizzy spells, and lower the temperature in the same room.  The Sphinx can do it because he is a more advanced shadow charmer.

Book five is when the demon prison gets opened and the demons go into the fairy queen’s realm and get locked in there for eternity.


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