How they tried to cheat Hillary in.

Last night I noticed that the globalists tried to cheat Hillary in.  HERE is how.

California had no one voted for it.  Yet they just gave 55 electoral votes the her.  Hawaii was the same, no votes and they just gave it to Hillary.  Oregon had not many votes, and Hillary won that stat to.  The results were at about 20%.  What was going on?  People complained about their votes being changed to Hillary, when they voted for Trump.

Hillary said that Trump supporters are violent: HERE IS THE VIDEO

Here are Hillary supporters when she lost the presidential election: HERE IS THE VIDEO.

(The supporters started to swear just to let you know)

There has also been threats on Donalds life.  Click here

Now you know why Hillary should not be president.

Hillary has about 28% of the American country with her and Trump has about 55%.


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