English lesson 45

“Which were the key incidents that led her out of her ‘prison.'”

The ‘prison’ is not a real thing that you touch.  It is a psychological thing.  She was in a prison in her mind but not physically.  She did not know the names of anything but ice cream.  She told people what to do but a ‘push’ which meet ‘go’, a ‘pull’ which was ‘come’, a ‘motion to open the freezer and then shiver’ was for ‘ice cream for super’.

When Miss.Sullivan came, Helen was given a new doll.  Miss Sullivan then gave Helen her old doll, and spelt the letters D-O-L-L, doll.  Helen only imitated the word into Miss Sullivan’s hand.  Helen could see, and talk before her illness that lead her to be blind and deaf.  She only got a glimpse of what it was like to see and hear.  But her ‘illness’ put her into her ‘prison’.

When ever one of you 5 senses do not work, the remanding 4 senses become stronger, or more attuned to your surroundings.  Since Helen had only 3 senses working, her ‘smell’, ‘touch’, and ‘taste’ were all enhanced.  But as a little child she did do so many trolls/pranks on family, slaves, and friends at the house.

Helen was a little monster before Miss Sullivan came to ‘free’ her from her ‘prison’.  After Helen was ‘freed’ from her ‘prison’ she wanted to learn the name of everything.  The word that freed her was W-A-T-E-R, water.  She learned the word water when she could still hear and see.  When Miss Sullivan spelt the word in her hand Helen said wah-wah.

Helen learned how to speak, how to read, and she learned tons of things with Miss Sullivan.  Helen meets Alexander Graham Bell, the person who peoples say he invented the Telephone.  Helen said that when she meet him, she fell instantly in love with him because he know what Helen ment.  Alexander was also a expert on the deaf.

Miss Sullivan was nearly blind herself.  She had surgery on her eyes.  But still the light hurt her eyes.  Her brother died in a asylum and she went and studied and became a teacher to the deaf and blind.  Helen was her student for her entire life.

Anne Sullivan died at the age of 70.

Helen died at the age of 87.




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