Business Lesson 15

Why is running my own business a way to guarantee my employment in 2030?

Well I get to hire who I want to hire.  It is as simple as that.  If I don’t want to hire anyone then all I need is to get a robot to do the work.  When a Job is taken by a robot there is always another job made, like robot maintenance.  Robots don’t have feelings, so if one brakes down then a maintenance guy will come and fix up the robot.  Most robots are only good for one thing, and that is what they are programmed to do.  Baxter is one robot that can do meany things, because you can program the robot to take items off of the convener belt, to fold clothes, and to be a waiter.  He can do more things, but I just listed the common ones.

So running my own business will help me in 2030, and probably other people.  I would at lest make money and keep the economy growing.  There are not that meany business owners in the world.  So being my own business owner.


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