English lesson 25

What changed?

Sergei change from being a drug dealer to being a communist leader of the Youth group.  But first he and some of his friends entered the criminal life of selling drugs.  He and his friends bought drugs from a place which was ran by monks.  They hid the drugs in the children’s home and sold the drugs to the older kids.  Then when they sold some drugs in a town not to far from the children’s home.  Soon he went and sold drugs in the big city with his friends.  On one of his trips he runs into a guy (not physically) who smells the drugs, and brings Sergei into the ally.  The strangers friend stabs Sergei and they run away with the drugs.

Sergei awakes up in the hospital and then he makes the choose to not becoming a drug dealer.

Why were they turning points?

He was stabled in the back, and that was the turning point.  He had to stay in bed for weeks just to get healed up.  When he was in bed he had nothing to do, but he was king of the home, so he just would have to give the orders.  In bed he just thought which path to take.  One was the life of a criminal, the other was to be a communist leader.  He choose to be a communist.  He did do well in all of his subjects.

How did they take place?

If you rely want to know, then read what was first on this page.


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