English 20 Lehrer

What is the story that I remember the best?

What I remember best in the story was when he got his first bus, called Betsy II.  He has always wanted a bus and to be a bus man.  He got his bus that look from the photo pretty new.  The rust spots looked small the paint look darker, but it was the opposite in the photo.  The paint was fading, the rust was large and more easier to see.  He still bought the bus.  On the way to the barn where he was going to store the bus, he stopped to get gas.  He tried to start the engine but it would not start.  Across the street was a small repair shop for trucks and other big cars.

The owner of the repair shop hocked the bus up to a truck with a chain, and just pulled the bus not even 10 ft.  The bus started up, and Mr Lehrer went to the barn then.  He switch off the bus and then started it up again, and this time it started.

What was it that grabbed me?

Well nothing rely grabbed me.

What did he do that made it grab me?

Well nothing.

Tell you what, the Autobiography was good, but read it yourself to judge if you like it or not.

Lehrer had a heart attack, which if he was not in the hospital before the time he had it, he would have been killed by it.  His wife told him to go to the hospital when he told her about the pain and tightness in his chest.  He did go to the hospital before the morning.  His doctor was not available, so that is way he had to go to the hospital.

To stop him from having more heart attacks he had to have a bypass.I don’t think he has had another heart attack.  He also made some good habits.  Like no smoking anymore.


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