English Lesson 15 Lehrer

“Discuss some of the good things that came as a result of his heart attack.”

Well there was a lot of good that came out of his heart attack, for instant he stopped smoking.  He was a heavy smoker, like most of the people who worked for him.  He also ate from a restaurant every day, like Tex-Mex.  That was a good change because eating to much bad food from fast food or even from restaurants is not good for you, and it is also a reason for heart attacks.

Fast food is number one thing in America that causes heart attacks, and obesity.  Don’t believe me?  Well lets just say that any food without the good fat which is animal fat is not good at all.  So any product without fat is going to make you fat, so I am glade that Mr. Lehrer made the decision to eat homemade sandwiches.  So eating animal fat makes you fat or not?  No it dose not make you fat at all.  It actually makes you loss any what that is fat.

Tobacco is also danger’s. It will damage the inner vain and then any fat, protein, WBC’s, and calcium, and cholesterol will get caught there and you will have a clogged artery.  Watch the video.  This is a hard topic just to let you know.


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