English lesson 10

“What are three stories in my life that I would have to include in my autobiography?”

Well have I told you I was lost at STAPLES once?  No, then now I am going to tell you.  On a day that was not sunny at all.  Saturday.  Who likes Saturday?  I do, but not we I have to go shopping.  My parents were looking at something that they were probably going to get.  I was looking in the other direction when they left me behind.  I panicked and went to the front of the store and waited there.  About 5 min later my parents found me.

Back on a beautiful day in Canada, the young men group and I was with, the entire stake went on a 10 mile hike in the mountains.  During the hike you have to cross the same river 6 times in each direction.  They said in a note that you could bring shoes that you were not going to use at the camp site for the hike through the mountains.  I had the shoes ready for the trip at home.  But when we left I forgot to bring the shoes with, so they stayed at home.  During the river crossings I had to go bare feet.  The water was cool and clear.  The rocks at the bottom on the river was slimy with some water plants.  The river was fast flowing in the more rocky shallow places, but calmer in the deeper places.  The hike was to a lake in the middle of nowhere.  The lake itself was gross, with slimy mud near the shore of the lake.  The further out you went you might of thought it would go deeper, but it did not.  It was the same everywhere in the lake.  We then packed up and hiked all the way back which seemed to be shorter than hiking to the lake.  Near the end of the hike I was one of the first in the parking lot.  The next thing for the day was to decapitate a chicken, de-skin it, and de-gut it.  I had to hold the chicken when it’s head was chopped off.  There was this one group that cut the chickens head off that took them three tries with the hatchet.  The first hit was to the neck which did not cut the head of completely.  The next hit was to the face of the chicken, putting a huge gash in the face.  The last swing hit the neck of the chicken but still did not cut the head off completely and then they just pulled the head off from the chicken.  The chicken tasted great though.

My first time shooting a shotgun was on that camp in 2016.  My other group mates who had shot shotguns in the past, thought that the shotgun would dislocate my shoulder.  But my shoulder was only a bit hurt but it did not dislocate it.  Out of my entire group, I was the only one that hit all 3 targets/clay pigeons that where there.


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