Lesson 10 Business.

“How Does Harry Brown’s Approach to Selling Rely on the Principle of Service?”

Harry Brown in his book on The Secret of Selling Anything tells us to talk about people’s problems and to try and fix it for money.  Sounds easy right.  That is what he said.  He said it is easy to sell anything that the person wants, but it is not easy to sell anything that the person dose not want.  You do not have to be aggressive, you do not have to be a smooth talker and you don’t have to be an extrovert.

Harry said by doing these things you would be good at selling your help to people.  They would want you to help them more and more.  That is by doing the boring stuff like research which people do not like at all.  I hate research my self, so there is no one to blame.  If you like research then this is the perfect job for you.

So whatever you do to be a great salesman, or woman, you need to not be aggressive nor a smooth talker and neither an extrovert and there is one more thing called lying.  Do not lie to the person you are helping at all.  If you do and sell him something that you lied to get him or her to buy and it dose not do that thing he wants, you will not meet on good terms again. So do the things here to be a great salesman.


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