Lesson 175 english

What should Virginia have done before giving editor Norman $500,000?  Who would have spent that much money on a NEWS company?  Not me.  Virginia was a million heir with approximately $7027736.91 USD.  But if this book was based in the 1900’s, she would have had an estimated $14359807.30 USD.  All of the money calculations is from 1800’s, 1900’s, and 2015.

Instead of saving the NEWSPAPER that no one reads except for some of the church members of the First Church.  The owner of the NEWSPAPER would put things in that the public wants to see and read about.

Why would a NEWSPAPER editor not put anything that the public wants?  That is what the editor of the NEWSPAPER did.  No detail about crime, no adds, no disasters that happened in the town, and no prize fights.

Virginia should have invested her money first before helping the NEWS.  She could have bought houses around town and rent them out to people, or she could have bought a hotel or motel, for travelers, and make money to help the people in the Rectangle, and help the NEWSPAPER.  If she did that she would still have money to pay for her house.

Her Grandmother was more wiser than granddaughter.  She invested her money and got back even more then she invested.  So if Virginia did this she would still have her $500,000 plus more.

Virginia’s plan was to buy up all the land at the Rectangle and build shelters there for the young ladies at the Rectangle.  The town in the book is called Raymond.  If you are to understand what town it is you will have to read the book.  Raymond is a railroad town at the Pacific Ocean.  Rachel’s cousin lives in Chicago IL.  There are two sides of the town in the book.  One side of town is called the Rectangle, and the other side is where the second and first class people live.

The first meeting at the rectangle was about 1/4 way into the book.  She only decided to buy the land 3/4 the way into the book.  Like I have just said she could have invested the $500,000 and gained a profit and then payed Norman.  She could have started a business by getting people out of debt, or she could have started a bank or another shop for the poor, like Dollarama, and Dollar tree, or A Buck or Two.  One dollar back in the book was about $14-$29.  She could have made a penny shop, where everything is a penny.

All of that would help the poor people.  But why did she not do this in the book?  Saving a NEWSPAPER that is going to go bankrupt was useless.  What would you have done if you were in Virginia’s place and you had $500,000?  Write your answer in the comment section down below.


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