Lesson 170 english

Which aspect of the plot so far sounds most implausible?

In the book In His Steps, the most implausible thing is that the whole country started to ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?”.  Now the country is doing this and ruining companies.  Does that sound implausible?  Another thing is to shut down the saloons.  But why the saloons?  That is where there is the most people in town, lower class people live there.  They are also wanting to take over the government, and I want to know how that will go.

Instead of voting for someone to run the place as usual, they want to get a christian that will shut down the saloons, and not give out licenses to the saloons.  Another thing is that the oath all 100 members of the congregation took, was how they could be like Jesus, and not how can we make others be like Jesus.

Rachel in the book let down a offer to go and do what she does best, singing.  Girls back then were paid $20 per month with back breaking labor.  Rachel was offered $200 per month.  A male back then was only payed $60 per month, and here Rachel was going to be payed $200 per month.  A ordinary girl would take the offer, but Rachel didn’t.

What the people of the first Church oathed to also destroys families.

That is right, in the story Madam Page left to go down to the south because of her granddaughter.  What is more important, families or friends you actually just meet on the street outside of a saloon?

You be the judge of that.

Why would a NEWSPAPER editor not put anything that the public wants?  That is what the editor of the NEWSPAPER did.  No detail about crime, no adds, no disasters that happened in the town, and no prize fights.


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