Lesson 165 english

Which dream in Looking Backward seemed more realistic: When he woke up in 1887 or 2000? Why?

First is you would die if you traveled forward 113 years, 3 months and eleven days.  He survives a fire in his sleep because he is in a concrete jail/bedchamber under/ in the basement of the house.  Now does this sound possible?  I will put a quiz at the end of the essay to see how you did.  He falls asleep in the year 1887, after a trip with his girlfriend to the mountains with her family.  They came back from the trip later that day, and dined at her parents house.

After the dinner, Edith (that was the girl’s name) insisted that Mr. West must go back home to go to sleep.  She knew that he did not sleep well at all.  He called for the doctor to come and give him some sleeping meds, and when he was asleep the fire burnt down his house and he has dogged up in the year 2000.  Now does that seem that he would have wrought to death, or suffocated.  But somehow he survived the fire and traveled in time.  And he is still the same age as he was 113 years prior.

Now if he fell asleep and woke up a day later, it would have been more realistic, and he would not have had to travel in time.  When he was asleep in the year 2000, he woke up in the year 1887, and thinking that the year 2000 was just a dream, but when he woke up from the dream he had, he was back in the year 2000.  Who is this guy?  Was he Doctor Who?  Maybe they should have added a Tardis to the story, so it could make more sense.  Right?

So which do you think is more realistic?  Sleeping in his Tardis sleeping chamber and waking up in the year 2000, or sleeping in a normal room in a dream, and waking up in the year 1887?

There is a total difference between the right answer and the wrong answer.

People get paid the same wages, even if they are in a hard-working job with lots of hours to work, or an easy job with not much hours to work.  All of the stores are the same and they are all over the city.  All of the warehouses have the right amount of goods that the people by, which is not possible for a government to do.  This is in the year 2000 in the book on how the city is runed to its grave.

But in the year 1887, the city was running like every other city in America or Great Britain.



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