Lesson 143

Do you believe it would be better to raise the driving age to 21?  Why should they do it in the first place?  They should not raise the age to 21, or the teenagers would not be able to learn from their mistakes.  Teens Get their learners at about age 16.  They have two years to learn how to drive before going to college or university.  5000 teens die in accidents, because of their fault and their parents.

If a teen gets in a accident (s)he was probably goofing around, or the other more experienced driver crashed into him or her.  If you raises the driving age to 21, then when they are college or University, they would not know how to drive unless a tutor or their parents come and teach them.

By raising the driving age to 21, you are just moving the problem up to 21 year olds.  Let me tell you a true story.  A friend of mine was driving to school, and on the way to school an experienced driver cut him off, making my friend crash into the driver that cut him off.  And there is proof that my friend is not guilty.  My friend was 17 years old when this happened.  Now tell me whose fault was it.
Should Driving age be 21?


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